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22 October 18
5 minute read

Leading vs Managing - understanding the difference

Defining roles and responsibilities is a key development step for any growing startup. It can be challenging, but it's key to growing a steamlined team.

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16 October 18
3 minute read

Most successful business pivots in history

If at first you don't suceed... Most people don't find success first time round. Here are some examples of business pivots that might surprise you!

15 October 18
5 minute read

Startup investor pitch deck

Your startup pitch deck could be the key that unlocks your success! So, what do you need to secure that funding?

04 October 18
10 minute read

How to build a winning startup team

7 key steps to growing a successful startup team. From making the most of individual strengths to defining goals and a common purpose.

28 September 18
4 minute read

How to survive the startup 'trough of sorrow'

Having a startup with inevitably come with both highs and lows. So here are our hard-won tips to help you survive the setbacks.

24 September 18
4 minute read

Going global: what to think about when expanding abroad

In the digital age it's easier than ever to expand overseas, with much lower barriers and overheads involved. So, where do you start?

19 September 18
19 minute read

How to recruit the right people for your startup, quickly

Everything you need to know about recruiting for your startup. We've created this guide with Agile HR expert, and founder of Unleashed, Anouk Agussol.

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