12 risks of Xmas | no. 3

Anastasia Filatova
04 December 2019
1 minute read

Business risk: inappropriate jokes

On the 3d day of Christmas... your mistake caused a loss

Though the holiday time is fast approaching, the deadlines aren't behind us just yet. And no matter how amicable your relationship is with a client, you are still expected to deliver quality service in a timely fashion - leaving no outstanding work for the holidays. Double-checking your work is up to standard is key, as it's your business' reputation that will be at stake.

What's at risk?

If you provide service or offer advice, your knowledge and expertise are your business. If a late night out results in your head being too hazy, and you can't deliver that service correctly the next day, it's your client's business that may get affected. That, in turn, may result in their loss of income. This is where all arrows will be pointing at you, along with a professional indemnity claim coming your way.

How to avoid it?

Planning well in advance and getting major deadlines out of the way and quality-checking your deliverables is a good start. No one says you can't let your hair down and have fun, but do consider your schedule the following day. Even a tiny detail overlooked may cause a major client displeasure, leading to even graver consequences for you and your business. And as part of common sense, having the right professional indemnity cover will always guarantee you a peace of mind.

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