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The Baseline

9 Nov 2018
4 minute read

Enlightening Innovation | Startup Scene

We love seeing the startup industry grow, flourish and produce great news. Here are the juiciest details about what's happening on the UK's startup scene.

7 Nov 2018
7 minute read

10 behaviours that the greatest managers share

What makes a great manager? There's no secret formula, but it starts with putting your team first. Find out what qualities and behaviours make a great leader.

Startups 101 / 
Team culture / 
5 Nov 2018
12 minute read

Ultimate Guide to Angel Investment

Everything you need to know about angel investment and the best ways to approach the right people to help you grow your business.

5 Nov 2018
17 minute read

Ultimate guide to startup insurance

We take a look at the risks your startup faces, legal requirements, how premiums are calculated, how to protect your business, and how to make a claim.

31 Oct 2018
5 minute read

A Manager's Guide to Successful Team Empowerment

Letting go can be difficult, but delegation is key to a well-oiled team and a optimally functioning manager. Here's how, and why.

29 Oct 2018
21 minute read

Ultimate Guide to Startup Funding

Everything you need to know about funding for startups. Find out how to make (and not break) your business, with our ultimate guide.

24 Oct 2018
4 minute read

Cyber supply chains: how to stay safe

Supply chains can be a weak link when it comes to cyber security. Here's how to work with your supply-chain partners to keep your data safe.

22 Oct 2018
5 minute read

Leading vs Managing - understanding the difference

Defining roles and responsibilities is a key development step for any growing startup. It can be challenging, but it's key to growing a steamlined team.

Startups 101 / 
Team culture / 
16 Oct 2018
3 minute read

Most successful business pivots in history

If at first you don't suceed... Most people don't find success first time round. Here are some examples of business pivots that might surprise you!

15 Oct 2018
5 minute read

Startup investor pitch deck

Your startup pitch deck could be the key that unlocks your success! So, what do you need to secure that funding?