The Baseline

5 Jan 2020
5 minute read

Getting your head around early stage funding

Incubators, Accelerators, Angels, Venture Capital - what are they, when should you turn to them and when?

30 Dec 2019
3 minute read

Top 5 startups to watch in 2020

We have collected our favourite startups that have impressed us throughout 2019 and, undoubtedly, will continue to do so in the year ahead.

18 Dec 2019
7 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: the full calendar

To provide you with a helpful reminder of the 12 biggest risks businesses face this season, we’ve gathered them into a handy calendar.

17 Dec 2019
4 minute read

How to do more with less in 2020

We spoke at the "IT MATTERS" forum at Lloyd's about habits practised by some of the leading companies today. Here's what we learned.

17 Dec 2019
1 minute read

12 risks of Xmas | no. 12

Alcohol is often referred to as a social lubricant‚ but when people lose inhibitions, it's easier to text, tweet, or post things that are best left unsaid.

16 Dec 2019
7 minute read

Top 10 tools for productive teams

Every year we see a host of new software that aims to make us more productive. We have selected the top ten tools that we love at Superscript.

16 Dec 2019
1 minute read

12 risks of Xmas | no. 11

Bullying in the workplace is unfortunately still widespread, and Christmas parties can be a big pressure point.

13 Dec 2019
1 minute read

12 risks of Xmas | no. 10

Most employees are vigilant about suspicious emails, but after a night out defences aren't always at their highest.

12 Dec 2019
1 minute read

12 risks of Xmas | no. 9

Inebriated employees can be a dangerous mix when out of the office, making the Christmas period a peak time for things getting broken accidentally.

11 Dec 2019
4 minute read

Finding the right mentor for your startup

Engaging in a mentorship programme can benefit you and your business, giving you access to latest trends, know-how and opportunities to develop.