Founder success stories: Twied

Charlotte Hall
20 December 2016
4 minute read

We caught up with Thierry Sequeira, CEO at Twied to find out a bit about his company, his founder top tips and what a typical day at his start-up is like.

Founded in 2016, Twied is the first email engagement platform that helps you to boost email response rates by making it easy for people to take action when you email them. Sounds great!

Founder success stories: Twied

How did you come up with the idea? How did it start?

Working in the sales team of another London-based startup, I realised that response rates on outbound prospecting emails are really low. The only information you get is an 'email read' notification which isn't helpful.

Once I took a second look at the emails I'd been sending, I realised that I hadn't been making it easy for people to respond. If one of my prospects wanted to get back to me, they had to manually type a response. There was no easy way for them to let me know if they were not interested or if they wanted to know more.

Social networks have been simplifying these interactions using methods such as the Like, Favourite or re-tweet buttons but emails seemed to have skipped this evolution.

So, at the start of this year, I put together an amazing product team with the mission of optimising business communications. We started our journey by enabling our customers to insert smart call-to-actions in their emails. These make it easier for people to react and respond to email communications with a single click once they've been contacted.

Founder success stories: Twied

What's different about your company?

We're the only company that's focused on increasing response rates in emails and optimising the steps between the moment the prospect receives your email and the moment you receive a response back from them.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Curiosity! I want to build a tool that is genuinely useful to people. I can see how to make it happen but the steps between now and mass-adoption are really exciting for me.

Founder success stories: Twied

A typical day in your life..

What time do you get up in the morning?


What do you typically wear to work?

Jeans & a t-shirt

What do you do on your commute?

Sleep – it's too early!

Where do you work? Co-working space?

We work in a Regus office in Old Street

Tell us about a typical day at work.

In the morning I plan my day, send quotes and quick follow ups. I usually pop out for lunch and grab a Pret sandwich before coming back to customer meetings in the afternoon.

How do you relax / have fun in the evening?

I work on my start-up!

What time do you go to bed?

Around 12pm

Any pearls of wisdom..?

Founder success stories: Twied

What's your best piece of advice for someone starting out?

Just try stuff to see what happens! You don't always have to have a reason. Just keep trying again and again because you don't always know what skills will come in handy.

Do you have any life or work hacks?

It's not really a trick but just work hard. I think you'll find that few people actually do it. If you put in 12 hours a day on average, you'll be doing twice the work than most people do – over time that does accumulate!

Why do you like working at a startup / being a founder?

I feel like it just happened, I didn't really chose it. Once I had the idea I just couldn't think of anything else other than building it. It seems like something that has to be built and that doesn't exist anywhere else.

Great stuff! Can you tell us a bit about how you chose your business insurance?

Founder success stories: Twied What are your pain points with business insurance?

First of all, it's pretty hard to get insurance quotes. It's a painful process and there's a lot of jargon. You're never sure what you're going to be quoted for or what the limitations are. Most insurance companies are very slow to give you results and some people will disqualify you without telling you why.

What caused you to switch providers and choose Superscript?

The problems above weren't a problem with Superscript! My customers are all over the world and my team is spread out so insuring them to work with global customers is hard. We're also a start-up so we know the top three industries we are going after right now but that might change in a year. Superscript offered us flexible insurance to cover our changing needs.

What did you like about the process?

The buying process was super super easy! It's instant and works the way I think. It's not something I was going to buy directly, I wanted to do some research and then get back to it and come back at the point where I'd left off and continue the purchase at that point. The way that the products are structured made it really easy for me to do that. The team has been awesome. The product itself is exciting. It looks and feels exciting and that's what I want to have for my company. I want to buy tools and products that are exciting and I want to work with people that are exciting.

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