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Anastasia Filatova
26 November 2018
5 minute read

Continuing on our mission to keep up with the never-ending innovation of British startups, our focus now shifts to lifestyle boosters...that’s all those apps and tools that aim to make our lives easier, healthier, more interesting, more entertaining… well, better in general really!

As we all try to ‘live our best lives’, these startups have naturally been getting a lot of attention- and they didn’t pass us by either. Admittedly, finding a gap in an already crowded market isn’t easy, but when a great idea comes along, it doesn’t take long to capture the imagination. And on that note, here are some of the best new lifestyle startups that have caught our eye......

Healthy eating


How many times have you fully intended to cook yourself a healthy lunch the night before a busy day at work, but then accidentally fallen asleep on the sofa?! Don’t worry, us too! But now, Feedr has developed an ingenious solution to the problem. This London startup connects healthy food suppliers with office-based clean-living enthusiasts, who don’t have the time, or energy to cook for themselves.

Calling themselves a “cloud canteen”, Feedr arranges delivery of orders from a rotating menu, handling everything from collating requests to processing payments, making it super easy to stay healthy when you’re rushed off your feet. It tops it off with personalised recommendations for its foodie customers and, with £1.5 million of funding in the bag, is also planning to develop more personalised menus in the not too distant future.

Renting easily


This short rental management platform makes it easy for private hosts to create a hotel-quality experience for guests from Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway and other platforms. Launched in 2016 by a group of frequent travellers and Airbnb hosts, GuestReady removes all the headaches involved in hosting multiple guests on a regular basis, including managing the listing and price, key exchange, cleaning and maintenance.

Having raised $3.7 million in total so far, GuestReady has recently announced its expansion to Edinburgh and Manchester, taking its footprint to ten cities across six countries in Europe.

Living safely


Making a breakthrough in the digital health scene, London based Medopad has recently been named a $1 billion health tech company in the making by KPMG (we know!). According to Medopad’s official statement, it wants to create a world where people can live longer, by using various applications and devices to track patients’ conditions and connect them to the care they need.

For example, they recently announced a partnership with Tencent to utilise AI for faster diagnosis, better prediction and more effective prevention of Parkinson’s disease.

In other news, Medopad recently acquired Sherbit, a San Francisco based competitor and raised a total of $33M in funding. So, they’re clearly on the right track.

Sharing experience


Formerly known as TrekinHerd, Alpacr is a very young, travel-focused social media app that aims to bring together adventurous, thrill-seeking and travel-loving individuals from around the world.

Founded in 2017 and based in Cardiff, Alpacr was developed to combine various social media platforms into one space where travellers can share their experiences in a range of formats.

According to Dan Swygart, CEO of Alpacr, in the first two months following its launch, over 10,000 photos were uploaded and the platform had the same percentage of daily active users as Tinder, immediately proving the validity and potential of the idea.

Later the same year, Alpacr won the Richard Branson-led Virgin Room competition, beating five other Cardiff-based young businesses.

Making it social

Make It Social

In a world where social media is an integral part of living, it’s hard NOT to be social. But sometimes, you want to get off your laptop or smartphone and go out and experience something in real life with real people - and that’s where Make It Social comes in!

This Scottish startup makes it easy to make group bookings for tickets, flights, hotels and other experiences, with its clever checkout technology. If you’re the group leader, you can put your booking through, then hold pre-authorised spaces for individuals to pay for themselves. So no more chasing and waiting for everyone to pay you!

Make It Social was founded in Edinburgh back in 2012 and has been busy making an impact on the social booking world. Successes so far include partnerships with Ambassador Theatre Group, the West End arena, Ticketmaster and SkiWorld - and there are sure to be many more to come.

Going festive


There are a mind-boggling number of festivals to choose from these days, and then even once you’ve picked your top choices, nothing comes easy. From deciding between ticket types and packages, accommodation, and transportation options - together it can add up to a decision-making headache. But it doesn’t have to be!

Festicket has been invented to ease the organisation involved in going to festivals, with a double-sided marketplace that packages up festival tickets, with everything else you need including travel, accommodation and other add-ons. It creates a place where everything can be found and booked, without the hassle - so you can focus on the fun part!

Since launching in 2013, this London-based startup has made quite an impact, now listing over 1,000 festivals in over 50 countries, and with an expansion to Australia and New Zealand underway. Festicket has also just announced a new round of funding of $10.5 million, taking its total to $20M. Way to quench the wanderlust, guys.

Combining data and physical worlds


Innovating its way through every space and place, HyperSurfaces has developed a futuristic technology that turns every surface into a user interface. Yes, every surface! So that could be the table in front of you, the wall, your sofa… your bed! It’s pretty mind-blowing stuff.

The London-based startup does it using sensor technology, combining vibration and AI to convert everyday objects into interactive platforms.

Founded in 2013, CEO Bruno Zamborlin says the startup's aim is to merge the ”physical and data worlds”, and with £2.9 million of seed funding to work with, the company is now busy developing its core technology. Watch this space… quite literally!


Well, I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty inspired! The creativity and ingenuity of entrepreneurs never cease to amaze us and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Catch you in a couple of weeks for the next instalment!


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