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Whether you're a counsellor, talking therapist, life coach, or a reiki master, we've got you covered.

Customisable insurance for self-employed therapists by monthly subscription.

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What does insurance for therapists cover?

Understanding your clients' needs is a honed skill that takes many years to master. But however experienced you are, a claim made against you due to an accident has the potential to cost your business and damage your reputation.

Our specialist insurance for therapists gives you fast and tailorable protection, so you can keep business running smoothly.

  • Change or cancel anytime at no extra cost
  • Commitment-free monthly subscription
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  • Select from £500,000 to £5 million cover

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What insurance do therapists need?

Public liability insurance

As a therapist, you'll be in regular contact with clients. If this takes place in person, public liability cover is essential. If you accidentally causes injury or property damage to a client, you could face a legal and compensation claim, even if you believe you weren’t at fault. In this situation, public liability insurance will support you through the incident.

Professional indemnity insurance

If a client claims that you made a mistake or treated them poorly before, during or after a therapy session, professional indemnity insurance would cover your legal and compensation costs.

Medical malpractice insurance

Working as a therapist comes with heavy responsibilities. Our medical malpractice cover protects you against allegations of medical negligence in the treatments or advice you provide, such as physical or mental damage.

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Therapist insurance FAQs

Do therapists need malpractice insurance?

It's a good idea for therapists to have medical malpractice cover. This is why we offer it as part of the insurance package for therapists.

What types of therapists do you cover?

We cover a broad range of complementary therapists. If you specialise in something niche and are unsure if we cover it, simply speak to one of our advisors via web chat, email or phone.

How much does insurance for therapists cost?

The cost of your insurance will depend on what limit of cover you select. With Superscript, you can select from £500,000, for £4.57 a month, up to £5 million, for £9.99 a month.

Do I need to prove my qualifications or licence to operate when buying insurance?

We don’t ask for these when you purchase insurance with us, but we recommend keeping your qualifications or licence to operate to hand in case they relate to a claim you’re making.

Do I need run-off cover as a therapist?

If you want to take an extended break, you can pause your monthly subscription with us and pick it back up again when you need to.

Run-off cover protects you for claims made against you for work you’ve done in the past, after you’ve ceased trading. So, if you’re thinking about doing something else for a while, or retiring, adding run-off cover to your policy may be the security you need in place to protect your future.

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