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We wanted to explore the human impact of working for yourself during lockdown. So, we surveyed over 2,000 self-employed people to understand how it feels to be your own boss at this moment in time. Check out the key insights we discovered:

Dominant frame of mind for the self-employed during lockdown:

Dominant frame of mind for the self-employed during lockdown graph

How the self-employed are feeling about the future:

How the self-employed are feeling about the future graph

Work/life balance:


Agree they enjoy what they do so much, that they don’t see it as work.


Agree that they do not think about work/life balance, as work is just as important as socialising.

What gives you the biggest satisfaction at work:

60% Positive customer feedback
60% Knowing you have provided a good service for customers
33% Winning a new client
19% Hitting big financial milestones (e.g. first time revenue becomes six figures, or you move into profitability)
15% The recognition I receive in the community or in the media for the brand that I am building
12% Taking a big business gamble/risk that pays off
8% When you 'officially' launch the brand
7% Recruiting employees or business partners
7% None of the above

Greatest motivations for becoming self employed:

27% Greater control over my schedule
19% The satisfaction of building something myself
17% Following my passion
12% The potential to earn more money
11% Less external pressure from others
5% I can upskill and learn new things much more quickly

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