Digital Risks is now Superscript

New name. Same amazing cover.

We've rebranded. Here's why.

In 2015, a tech whiz and an insurance guy joined forces to create an insurance experience fit for businesses in the digital age. This is the origin story of Digital Risks.

Fast-forward five years, and we’ve evolved from a fledgling startup to a growing team of over 60, supporting thousands of businesses across the UK. Our core aim: to provide the best insurance experience possible, has remained the same - but plenty has changed. We started with digital businesses, but now provide cover for over 1,000 business types.

In early 2020, we realised it was time to go back to the drawing board. We needed to explore each element of our identity and purpose, so far, and define it. Meet Superscript. A new name, but so much more.

Your questions, answered

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing policies?

No. Your policy will remain the same - you’ll simply receive invoices and communications from ‘Superscript’ rather than ‘Digital Risks’.

Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

No. Your cover will continue as normal. If you’d like to view or download your rebranded policy documents, you can find them in your online account.

Have my online account login details changed?

No. Your login details will remain the same. Please access your online account from

Does this change the types of cover you offer?

No. We’re still here to provide small businesses and enterprise clients with the best protection out there. Our new identity simply reflects our broad offering better.

What name will appear on my bank statements?

You may find that your next payment appears as Digital Risks, but it will appear as 'Superscript', going forwards.

Who will emails come from now?

Any emails which previously came from will now come from If you’ve emailed, or any of our other Digital Risks email addresses, don’t worry - it will have been automatically forwarded to the new address.

Do your employees have new email addresses?

Yes. Our new email addresses follow the same format, but If you accidentally email anyone at, don’t worry - it’ll still end up in their new inbox.

Where can I send any follow-up questions I may have?

If you have any questions, please email us at

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