Superscript launches flexible monthly landlord insurance

Flexible monthly business insurance
22 September 2022
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our customisable, flexible, subscription-based landlord insurance.

Starting at £12.98 per month, our comprehensive range of covers is designed to meet the specific needs of modern landlords, whatever the makeup of their property portfolio.

Both commercial and residential landlords will benefit from unlimited, no-fee mid-term adjustments, paying 0% interest as part of the monthly rolling subscription. Plus, landlords that insure multiple properties will benefit from a discount on their premiums.

Which properties are covered?

Our landlord insurance covers a wide range of premise types; from residential flats and houses to commercial offices and shops. And if you're a multi-property landlord, you can can include a portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties under a single policy and subscription.

Which risks are covered?

We recently surveyed 500 landlords, and found that 37% could be described as ‘accidental’; with 29% only becoming a landlord because they inherited a property, while 8% became a landlord after they moved abroad for work and leased it out.

When it comes to property management, the top three biggest concerns for participating landlords were unpaid rent, tenant behaviour and maintenance issues.

Superscript’s landlord insurance addresses these concerns, with key covers including:

  • Rental income
  • Buildings cover
  • Fixture and fittings
  • Property owners' liability
  • Landlords' contents
  • Employers’ liability.

What's significant about Superscript's landlord insurance?

Ben Rose, Co-founder & Chief Underwriter Officer of Superscript, said:

We’re very excited to launch our subscription-based insurance product, designed so that the full spectrum of landlords will benefit from its flexibility. For instance, ‘accidental landlords’ who may find themselves leasing out a property due to unexpected circumstances, will benefit from the monthly, rather than annual, commitment.

Whereas more commercial-minded landlords with a portfolio of properties (whether residential, commercial or both) can tie them all up into one single, easily manageable policy, rather than purchasing separate policies.

All of this can be done rapidly online, and amended at any time with no fees, bringing insurance in line with a modern landlord’s needs.

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