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29 May 2020
4 minute read

6 indoor plants you can't kill

Six easygoing indoor plants to boost productivity and brighten up your day.

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28 May 2020
4 minute read

10 tips for managing a remote team

Effectively managing an office-based team doesn't always translate to good remote team management. We've put together 10 tips to help you make the transition.

Team culture / 
Top tips / 
21 May 2020
3 minute read

What consumers are spending money on during lockdown

Lockdown has been tough for most sectors, but some businesses are booming. We catch up with the consumers spending their cash on affordable luxury.

Trends / 
19 May 2020
6 minute read

Starting a business with your partner

Going into business with someone takes a huge leap of faith. We caught up with Viktorija and James Isaac, founders of web and app agency M10c, to find out how they're making it work.

18 May 2020
4 minute read

How to take your online business from daydream to day job

Want to launch an online business, but not sure where to start? Online business founders share their top tips for success.

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Cybersecurity / 
Startups 101 / 
14 May 2020
4 minute read

Best video conferencing tools 2020

2020 has been the year for video conferencing. We compare five of the best options for your business.

13 May 2020
3 minute read

How to keep creative during quarantine

Looking for ways to stay creative in quarantine? We asked artists and creators for their top tips on keeping creative during lockdown.

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12 May 2020
6 minute read

Remote working company culture and how to get it right

Maintaining company culture is a big challenge for remote workers and distributed teams. Here are the Superscript lockdown tips. Get inspired.

11 May 2020
3 minute read

4 reasons to consider cyber insurance

Cyber insurance covers your business against accidental data security breaches and cyber-attacks. We explain why your business may want to consider cyber liability cover.

7 May 2020
3 minute read

Personal experience of starting a job remotely

What's it like jumping into a new job amidst a lockdown? Matt Reid, our new Senior Designer, did just that. He shares his experience of starting his new position as a remote worker.