Shops and retail posts

Whether you run a cafe or own a beauty salon, becoming a shop owner comes with a bunch of opportunities and challenges. Let's navigate them together with our guides on all things retail and e-commerce.

13 April 23
6 minute read

A guide to importing and exporting for online retailers

Running an ecommerce business can often involve importing stock from overseas and selling and exporting products to customers abroad. Here’s your guide to the customs, licensing and tax rules.

03 March 23
6 minute read

How to choose a product to sell online

To build a successful ecommerce empire, you need to put quite a bit of thought into what you’re going to sell. Here are eight tips to help you nail that decision and find the perfect products.

21 February 23
5 minute read

Picking the right supplier for your online retail business

As you set up your ecommerce business, selecting the right manufacturers and suppliers for your products is a crucial step. Here, we explore the key things to consider when picking a supplier.

06 February 23
12 minute read

5 of the best ecommerce platforms for online retailers

Trying to find a platform for selling online? Discover which features to look for, read our reviews of popular platforms, and see what this all means for your business insurance.

01 February 23
7 minute read

Barriers to success for dropshippers

Dropshipping is a large and growing sector within online retail, with dropshippers fulfiling more than a third of Amazon orders globally. Here we look at the common barriers to success in this expanding sector.

06 January 23
4 minute read

What does regulation mean for BNPL companies?

Buy-now-pay-later has been widely adopted by businesses and shoppers alike. Could regulation change how these businesses operate in the future? Read more.

23 May 22
4 minute read

How to increase sales in retail

Get more customers through your doors and see your sales soar with these tried-and-tested techniques, including shopping psychology, upselling, store layout tips and more.