The Baseline

9 Dec 2022
4 minute read

Rent guarantee insurance vs guaranteed rent schemes

They might sound similar, but guaranteed rent schemes and rent guarantee insurance are quite different mechanisms for protecting your rental income. We look at the pros and cons of both.

7 Dec 2022
2 minute read

Understanding taxes for your side hustle

Do I need to pay tax for my side hustle? What’s a Self Assessment? A TaxScouts accountant answers some of the most common questions about taxes for side gigs.

29 Nov 2022
7 minute read

How can small businesses cope with increased energy prices?

Wholesale energy prices rose significantly between 2021 and 2022, affecting many UK SMEs, despite the introduction of government support. Here’s our guide to what small businesses can do to tackle higher energy costs.

23 Nov 2022
1 minute read

Superscript authorised as Lloyd’s broker in Europe

Our advisory service, SuperscriptQ, has been granted authorisation to operate in Europe as a Lloyd’s broker.

21 Nov 2022
10 minute read

What the 2022 Autumn Statement means for small businesses

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced a series of tax increases, spending cuts and fiscal interventions to balance the government's finances. We break down what this means for small businesses.

16 Nov 2022
5 minute read

Cash accounting vs traditional accounting

What’s cash accounting? How does it compare to traditional accounting? Find out how each accounting method works – and how to decide which approach is right for you.

4 Nov 2022
3 minute read

Allowable expenses when you’re self-employed

What are allowable expenses? Who can claim them? This guide covers all you need to know – helping you claim everything you’re entitled to.

1 Nov 2022
3 minute read

6 common mistakes when completing a tax return

Need to file a Self Assessment tax return? Here are some of the most common mistakes people make – and what you can do to set them right.

25 Oct 2022
2 minute read

Survey - residential landlords and rising interest rates

With mortgage interest rates rising, Superscript carried out research to find out how they're reacting.

24 Oct 2022
8 minute read

Small business grants in the UK

Looking for a business grant to get your venture off the ground? We take you through the basics and answer some common questions about grants for small businesses.