The Baseline

17 Jun 2024
7 minute read

14 ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace in 2024

We caught up with six LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+ founders and diversity and inclusion advocates to get their top tips for building an inclusive workplace.

30 May 2024
5 minute read

What insurance do you need to win an NHS contract?

Are you a medtech founder bidding on your first NHS contract? Learn how having the right insurance in place can put you in a better position.

22 May 2024
4 minute read

Insurance when you're merging or acquiring

With many companies going through mergers and acquisitions, what happens with your insurance? Read on to find out…

21 May 2024
6 minute read

What are the five B Corp impact areas?

If you’re a budding B Corp and want to get to know more about how each company is assessed in their journey to become certified, read on to get in the know.

9 May 2024
5 minute read

Why is it so tough to buy insurance for your tech startup?

As a tech founder, business insurance can be a headache. But it can also be essential. Read on to see how we address common founder pain points.

30 Apr 2024
2 minute read

Superscript becomes a B Corp

It's official — we're a B Corp and we couldn't be happier to join a growing global movement of businesses operating with environmental and social purpose at their core.

29 Apr 2024
5 minute read

What is a B Corp? And should your business become one?

With over 4,000 in the world, B Corps are fast becoming a new breed of business. Discover why they matter and what you can do to get involved.

22 Apr 2024
8 minute read

Should I rent to tenants with pets?

Pet-friendly lets are a pretty controversial issue. But how should landlords handle tenants with four-legged family members? Here’s some advice to help you decide what to do (and how to take the next steps).

5 Apr 2024
4 minute read

Is your aesthetics business insurance ready for a glow-up?

Wanting to offer botox or fillers and looking to get the right set of covers for your aesthetics business? Read our latest blog.

7 Mar 2024
5 minute read

What the 2024 Spring Budget means for small businesses

On Wednesday 6 March 2024, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt made his highly anticipated Spring Budget speech. We explore what these proposals mean for businesses around the UK.