The Baseline

17 Mar 2023
14 minute read

What the 2023 Spring Budget means for small businesses

On Wednesday 15 March 2023, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt made his highly anticipated Spring Budget speech. We explore what the his proposals mean for businesses around the UK and how they've been met by the small business community.

8 Mar 2023
4 minute read

Five leading incubators at the heart of UK tech

The UK tech startup space is in rude health. Let's meet five of the most significant tech startup incubators helping fledgling UK startups break new ground.

6 Mar 2023
5 minute read

The cost of living and insurance claims

Our Claims Manager Laura explains how the cost of living has impacted insurance claims, and what you need to know if you run a business. Read more.

3 Mar 2023
6 minute read

How to choose a product to sell online

To build a successful ecommerce empire, you need to put quite a bit of thought into what you’re going to sell. Here are eight tips to help you nail that decision and find the perfect products.

22 Feb 2023
4 minute read

Tech for Good - who's who

What is Tech for Good and which players are leading growing this global movement?

21 Feb 2023
5 minute read

Picking the right supplier for your online retail business

As you set up your ecommerce business, selecting the right manufacturers and suppliers for your products is a crucial step. Here, we explore the key things to consider when picking a supplier.

15 Feb 2023
4 minute read

Investors turn to insurance for portfolio company risk transfer

Let's explore why it's so important that investors take an active role in ensuring their portfolio companies are appropriately insured.

7 Feb 2023
5 minute read

The great tech migration – why do scaleups move to the US?

Many businesses dream of heading stateside. Here’s why the US is so appealing for many tech scaleups – and what to think about before moving across the pond.

6 Feb 2023
12 minute read

5 of the best ecommerce platforms for online retailers

Trying to find a platform for selling online? Discover which features to look for, read our reviews of popular platforms, and see what this all means for your business insurance.

3 Feb 2023
3 minute read

How does growth affect your scaleup's risk profile?

The transition from Series A to Series B often affects a business' risk profile. David Dickson, Head of SuperscriptQ, shares his insights on what this means for your insurance.