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Top tips posts

13 July 20
4 minute read

Free and cheap ways to have fun in the UK

Looking for fun activities but on a tight budget? Explore our 16 free and cheap ways to have fun.

09 July 20
6 minute read

What to do if a customer refuses to pay?

You’ve emailed for invoice payment and hit dead ends. If they owe you money for services rendered, here’s what to do when a customer won’t pay.

03 July 20
4 minute read

How to find and hire great freelancers for your business

Looking for skilled and flexible freelance help with your business? Here are our top tips for finding and hiring a quality contractor.

25 June 20
4 minute read

10 podcasts for entrepreneurs

There are more than 60,000 business podcasts and almost 7,000 dedicated specifically to entrepreneurship. So, where to start? Here's our list of ten awesome podcasts for entrepreneurs.

24 June 20
5 minute read

Managing your cash flow as a freelancer - a checklist

Getting to grips with your cash flow management is an essential part of freelance life. We spoke to Albert Azis-Clauson, CEO and co-founder of UnderPinned to get his take on managing cash flow as a freelancer.

17 June 20
6 minute read

Managing cash flow as a freelancer

Cash flow is one of the most common issues businesses face. We interviewed freelance accountant, Laura, about best practice and top tips.

12 June 20
3 minute read

13 top tips for communicating online

Most of our communications now happen online. If you want to get better at your communication, whether in writing or on video, check out our top tips.