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25 January 23
3 minute read

5 things beauty therapists can do to stop last-minute cancellations

Five tips from Storefront co-founder and CEO Jean-Michel Chalayer, to make cancellations less of a challenge for your beauty business.

23 January 23
6 minute read

8 ways for small businesses to save money

What can you do to keep your business afloat in this tough economic climate? We outline eight cost-cutting solutions that could help you save money and reduce hidden expenses.

14 December 22
4 minute read

7 ways for landlords to reduce costs

In the face of interest rate hikes and soaring mortgage rates, what can landlords do to cut costs? Here are seven things to do if you’re looking to save money – and some things you shouldn’t do.

02 August 22
5 minute read

How to know if you can use an image online

If you own a business, or freelance on behalf of clients, you’re likely to use images at some point in your work, but not all images you find online are free to use. Our guide and image usage tool are here to help.

30 June 22
6 minute read

A landlord's guide to end-of-tenancy cleaning

For any landlord, the process of cleaning and preparing your property between tenants is crucial to protecting your investment. Read our guide on how to effectively clean your rental property.

13 June 22
5 minute read

Maternity Pay For The Self-Employed

Whilst Statutory Maternity Pay isn’t available to the self-employed, help is available through the Maternity Allowance. Find out everything you need to know about what is is and how to claim.

23 May 22
4 minute read

How to increase sales in retail

Get more customers through your doors and see your sales soar with these tried-and-tested techniques, including shopping psychology, upselling, store layout tips and more.