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19 October 20
7 minute read

How to find investors for your business

12 top tips for finding investors to grow your small business.

23 September 20
7 minute read

A guide to taxes for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with many responsibilities - one of which is taxes. In this guide, we explain the basics when it comes to taxes for self-employed professionals.

05 August 20
5 minute read

How to foster a creative mindset?

What is creative thinking and why is it so important to businesses in 2020? Learn about creativity in the workplace today and how to help it flourish.

04 August 20
5 minute read

Will technology take over our jobs?

Will technology take our jobs? What jobs will survive and what roles will be automated? Read our analysis of automation, technology and the future of work.

13 July 20
4 minute read

Free and cheap ways to have fun in the UK

Looking for fun activities but on a tight budget? Explore our 16 free and cheap ways to have fun.

09 July 20
6 minute read

What to do if a customer refuses to pay?

You’ve emailed for invoice payment and hit dead ends. If they owe you money for services rendered, here’s what to do when a customer won’t pay.

03 July 20
4 minute read

How to find and hire great freelancers for your business

Looking for skilled and flexible freelance help with your business? Here are our top tips for finding and hiring a quality contractor.