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Add personal accident cover to your business insurance policy and get a payment in the event that someone in your business suffers an injury leaving them unable to work.

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Why choose personal accident insurance?

If you’re seriously injured at work, it could put you out of action for weeks. Personal accident insurance is designed to support your business financially if you or an employee suffer a serious injury, become totally and permanently disabled or die as a result.

By adding personal accident insurance to your business insurance policy, you can ensure that your business is financially compensated in the unfortunate event that someone working for the company is injured and is left unable to work.

  • Choose a benefit of £2,000, £5,000 or £10,000
  • Covers accidents resulting in loss of sight, hearing, speech or a limb
  • Also covers accidental death
  • Cover for accidents in or out of the workplace for employees under 75 years old
  • Purchase as a package with public liability cover

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What does personal accident insurance cover?

You and your employees

Superscript's personal accident insurance can pay out a benefit if you or someone working for your business under the age of 75 suffers an accident.

Serious injuries

Your personal accident insurance can pay out if you or an employee suffers an accident that results in the loss of:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Speech
  • A limb

Permanent disablement or death

While it's not something you wish to think about, unfortunately, accidents happen. Sometimes they can leave a person permanently disabled and unable to work, or even cause loss of life. Personal accident insurance can pay a compensatory benefit to your business in this unfortunate event.

Accidents both in and out of the workplace

Personal accident insurance can pay out a benefit to your business in the event of an accident that injures you or your employees that takes place anywhere, and not just in the workplace.

Once you've completed a quote, you'll be able to view a summary of cover. Please always refer to your policy documents for full details around exclusions, terms and limits of your customised cover. Read our guide to understanding your policy documents.

Boost your cover with legal protection insurance

Covers compensation awards, professional fees and legal costs associated with a range of legal disputes.

Personal accident insurance FAQs

What kind of accidents are covered?

Personal accident insurance covers all kinds of accidents, and the decision of whether to pay the benefit to the business is based on the outcome of the accident, specifically the injury or disablement suffered by the individual.

If someone working for your business suffers an accident resulting in loss of sight, hearing, speech or a limb, death or leaving them disabled and permanently unable to work, then you can claim a compensatory benefit payment.

Is personal accident insurance an 'add on' cover?

Superscript's personal accident insurance is an optional additional cover that you can add to your policy when you get a quote from us. In order to take out personal accident cover, you will need to also take out public liability insurance with Superscript.

How much will my business be paid in the event of an accident?

You can choose the level of the benefit paid out to your business in the event of a claim, and the level you select will determine the cost of the cover.

The levels of payment are:

  • £2,000
  • £5,000
  • £10,000

What if the accident took place outside of the workplace?

Superscript's personal accident insurance covers accidents wherever they take place, whether it is in the course of carrying out business duties or not, and whether the accident occurs in the office or out and about.

Who receives the payment in the event of a personal accident insurance claim?

In the event of someone who works for your business suffering an accident that is covered by your policy, then the payment will be made to the business and not the individual or their family.

What is meant by 'permanent total disablement'?

For your personal accident insurance, the term 'permanent total disablement' means disablement which entirely prevents the insured person from attending to any occupation, to which they are reasonably suited by training, education or experience and which:

  1. Lasts 12 months
  2. Is beyond hope of improvement

What is meant by 'loss of sight' and 'loss of limb'?

For your personal accident insurance, the term 'loss of sight' means total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes

'Loss of limb' refers to the permanent loss by physical separation of a hand at or above the wrist or of a foot at or above the ankle, or permanent total and irrecoverable loss of use of a hand, arm, foot or leg.

Is personal accident insurance the same as life and critical illness insurance?

No, these two covers are sometimes confused for each other but they are distinct.

The most important difference is that personal accident insurance pays out to the business while a life and critical illness insurance policy would pay out to an individual or their family in the event of severe illness or death.

Are personal accidents that injure a member of staff covered by employers' liability insurance?

Employers' liability insurance can cover the legal and compensation costs associated with a claim made by a member of staff against the business if they were injured at work.

Personal accident insurance pays the business if an accident leaves the employee unable to work.

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