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Business growth posts

30 October 20
5 minute read

How to scale a business

Scaling up a business is exciting, but is it right for you - and are you ready for it? Find out now.

21 October 20
2 minute read

Advice for buying insurance in a hardening market

Premiums are going up as underwriting appetite shrinks. Both renewal and new clients are being impacted by this hardening market.

09 October 20
6 minute read

How to write a business plan

In this simple guide, we set out how to go about writing a business plan and the key sections to include.

23 September 20
7 minute read

A guide to taxes for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with many responsibilities - one of which is taxes. In this guide, we explain the basics when it comes to taxes for self-employed professionals.

03 September 20
5 minute read

How SMEs can prepare for uncertain times

What have we learned from COVID-19 about business continuity? Read our top tips on how small businesses can prepare for uncertain times.

25 August 20
4 minute read

Tips for making a successful business insurance claim

Making a business insurance claim is always going to be stressful, but there are steps you can take to help, both when choosing cover and when it comes to making the claim.

19 August 20
5 minute read

How small businesses can use social media to transform their business

Small businesses can use social media to connect directly with their customers. Here’s how to boost your brand and drive up business sales with social media.