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03 February 23
3 minute read

How does growth affect your scaleup's risk profile?

The transition from Series A to Series B often affects a business' risk profile. David Dickson, Head of SuperscriptQ, shares his insights on what this means for your insurance.

01 February 23
6 minute read

Barriers to success for dropshippers

Dropshipping is a large and growing sector within online retail, with dropshippers fulfiling more than a third of Amazon orders globally. Here we look at the common barriers to success in this expanding sector.

16 January 23
8 minute read

How can small businesses cope with increased energy prices?

Wholesale energy prices rose significantly between 2021 and 2022, affecting many UK SMEs, despite the introduction of government support. Here’s our guide to what small businesses can do to tackle higher energy costs.

06 October 22
3 minute read

What is business turnover and how do you calculate it?

Turnover is a key figure for all small businesses. This back-to-basics guide will help you understand what turnover is, when you might use it and how to calculate it.

21 September 22
4 minute read

5 business accounting formulas (calculator included)

You don’t have to be an accountant to understand your financial performance. Use our calculator to assess your business with five important accounting formulas.

21 July 22
5 minute read

Who are stakeholders in business and what do they do?

What exactly is a stakeholder in the world of business and what does stakeholder management involve? We breakdown who these key players are and the process of how they are managed.

11 July 22
3 minute read

What is a SWOT analysis?

We unpick what SWOT analysis is, why it might be useful for your business and how you go about doing one.