B Corp posts

B Corp is a movement of companies working towards building a better world benefitting people, communities, and the planet. Whether you're going through accreditation yourself or you're just trying to build more B Corp friendly practices into your business, our B Corp articles and guides can give you tips to help.

06 March 24
5 minute read

Inspiring inclusion this International Women’s Day

Want to inspire inclusion in the lifecycle of your hiring and culture processes? We brought together two experts to give you their tip tips. Read on for more.

13 October 23
3 minute read

What do staff want at a work Christmas party?

What do employees enjoy about company Christmas parties? And in a tough economic climate, what’s the best use of your budget? Our survey has answers.

14 June 23
7 minute read

14 ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace in 2023

We caught up with six LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+ founders and diversity and inclusion advocates to get their top tips for building an inclusive workplace.

22 February 23
4 minute read

Tech for Good - who's who

What is Tech for Good and which players are leading growing this global movement?

08 June 22
1 minute read

Announcing our support for Link Pride 2022

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Pride Superscript are supporting Link, the cross-insurance LGBTQ+ network. Find out more.

04 May 22
5 minute read

Mental health resources for entrepreneurs

A round up of apps, advice and resources that are designed to help improve your wellbeing including stress levels, anxiety and sleep.

25 April 22
5 minute read

What is a B Corp? And should your business become one?

With over 4,000 in the world, B Corps are fast becoming a new breed of business. Discover why they matter and what you can do to get involved.