Landlords posts

From repairs to legal issues and tenants rights to insurance, these are the blog posts that will offer you the best in advice and information on the often complex work of being a commercial or residential landlord.

24 January 23
6 minute read

A landlord’s guide to rental yield

Rental yield is one of the most important metrics for landlords. Find out how to calculate it, how to improve it, and the average rental yield in your region.

14 December 22
4 minute read

7 ways for landlords to reduce costs

In the face of interest rate hikes and soaring mortgage rates, what can landlords do to cut costs? Here are seven things to do if you’re looking to save money – and some things you shouldn’t do.

09 December 22
4 minute read

Rent guarantee insurance vs guaranteed rent schemes

They might sound similar, but guaranteed rent schemes and rent guarantee insurance are quite different mechanisms for protecting your rental income. We look at the pros and cons of both.

25 October 22
2 minute read

Survey - residential landlords and rising interest rates

With mortgage interest rates rising, Superscript carried out research to find out how they're reacting.

22 September 22
2 minute read

Superscript launches flexible monthly landlord insurance

Find out more about Superscript’s customisable, subscription-based insurance for both commercial and residential landlords.

30 June 22
6 minute read

A landlord's guide to end-of-tenancy cleaning

For any landlord, the process of cleaning and preparing your property between tenants is crucial to protecting your investment. Read our guide on how to effectively clean your rental property.

23 June 22
4 minute read

What the abolition of Section 21 means for landlords [2022 update]

In June 2022, the UK government published a white paper that includes a recommendation for abolishing section 21 'no-fault' evictions. Here we break down what this means for landlords.