Landlords posts

From repairs to legal issues and tenants rights to insurance, these are the blog posts that will offer you the best in advice and information on the often complex work of being a commercial or residential landlord.

27 April 22
6 minute read

Deposit protection schemes – a guide for landlords

All landlords in the UK are required by law to hold their tenants’ deposits in an independent protection scheme. Here we breakdown how the system works, explaining everything you need to know as a landlord.

12 April 22
8 minute read

The top 5 maintenance skills every landlord needs

Being a new landlord is tough, with many responsibilities on your shoulders. This guide helps you get ahead of your tasks and save money on the essential maintenance jobs in your property.

06 April 22
5 minute read

Tax changes that landlords should know about

April 2022 brings with it a whole slew of changes to tax and National Insurance in the UK. Here’s what landlords across the UK should know about the changes.

03 March 22
7 minute read

A guide to finding the right tenant for your property

When letting out your property, finding the right tenants is a crucial part of protecting your investment and your home. We run down the key things to consider when selecting who to rent to.

22 February 22
4 minute read

Allowable expenses for landlords – what can I claim?

From insurance and ground rent to certain maintenance and repair works, what are HMRC’s current allowable expenses for landlords? Read our guide.

11 February 22
4 minute read

What the abolition of Section 21 could mean for landlords

Since it was proposed in the 2019 Conservative Party manifesto, a Renters' Reform Bill would abolish Section 21 of the Housing Act. We explore what that could mean for landlords.

04 February 22
6 minute read

A landlords guide to inspecting your property

All landlords must strike a balance between actively ensuring their properties are well maintained and leaving their tenants to quietly enjoy use of their home. Enjoy our guide to how to perform the perfect property inspection.