Overpaying for your retail insurance? Overpaying for your retail insurance?

Customisable insurance for shops and retail
No additional fees to make policy changes
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Why choose Superscript for retail insurance?

We offer customisable cover, which allows you to tailor your protection and only pay for what you need.

10% of shop and retail businesses paid £12.95 a month or less for their insurance between January and March 2023.

Some features of our retail and shop insurance include:

  • Choose from £2m or £5m public and product liability cover
  • Additional covers such as terrorism and theft by an employee
  • Pay monthly or annually, it’s your choice
  • Five-star rated UK-based customer service and claims support

Insuring oodles of retail businesses

From coffee houses to chemists, garden centres to grocers, we provide custom cover to a wide range of shops, hospitality and retail businesses. Including buildings, stock and contents, business interruption, goods in transit and many others.

Choose the perfect mix of covers in one policy - change it anytime, without additional fees

Public and product liability

Covers claims to do with physical damage or injury to anyone or anything that doesn't involve an employee.

Employers' liability insurance

If you have employees, employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement.

Buildings, contents and stock cover

This type of cover protects your building, its contents and your stock from damage and theft.

This type of cover provides the advice and counselling services necessary to cover commercial legal affairs.

Online retail cover

Our shop insurance includes additional e-commerce insurance for retailers who sell items online at no additional cost.

Additional covers

On top of these options, we also offer a bunch of other covers to boost your policy and give you the perfect protection for your business.

Business interruption

Cover for lost income due to physical damage to your property such as a flood.

Shop front

Cover if your shop front is damaged, including the glass.


Cover if there is interruption to your business caused by terrorism.

Theft by an employee

Cover for theft of stock or contents, including money, by employees.

Deterioration of stock

Cover if your frozen or chilled stock deteriorates.

Goods in transit

Cover if your stock is damaged or stolen while in transit.

Shop insurance FAQs

How much does shop insurance cost?

For basic product and public liability insurance, our cover starts at £12.95 including insurance premium tax (IPT). 10% of shop and retail businesses paid £12.95 a month or less for their insurance between January and March 2023.

I already have insurance, is it easy to switch?

To switch to us from another insurer you'll need to let your current insurer know that you're leaving them and start a policy with us.

When building your quote with Superscript, you can set a day that you want your policy to start, so you're never without business insurance.

Is building and contents insurance tax deductible?

Yes – in the UK, building and contents insurance is an allowable expense, which means you can deduct this cost from your taxable profit.

How much cover do I need?

When working out how much cover you need, it's worth calculating how much it would be to cover the costs associated with various claims and choose the level of insurance that would cover this.

The associated costs will be different for various claims and could include legal fees, compensation, repairing or replacing items and rebuilding property, which also includes builders' fees, materials, surveryors' fees and debris removal.

Keep in mind that if you also run an online retailing business alongside your shop, you may need extra cover. To learn more, have a look at our online retailer cover.

What excess will I pay on shop insurance?

An excess is the amount paid to the insurer when a claim is made.

Here are some excess rates that you may have to pay when making a claim on your shop insurance:

  • Damage caused by flood, subsidence, ground heave or landslip – £1,500
  • Damage to glass, shop front or frozen or chilled stock – £100
  • Damage to third party property – £250
  • All other damage – £250

Can I also get cover for my online shop?

Yes, we also cover online retailers. There's no need to select multiple business activities when building a quote – when selecting your shop type in our quote builder, you'll also be covered to sell things online. However, we're unable to cover shops that sell items in the US and Canada.