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Pushing the limits of what’s possible is what software and app developers have been doing since day one. Hmm, I think we’re twinning here.

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It is a delight to work with Ben and Ella. Superscript puts a lot of effort in finding the right policies for our company and as a result we save time to focus on our business.

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Software and app insurance FAQs

My ‘traditional’ business now uses technology, software and apps to operate - do I need technology or cyber insurance?

‘Technology’ insurance is an all-encompassing term to cover all the insurance needs of your technology-providing company. This can range from professional indemnity and cyber cover to directors and officers packages. We can offer ‘tech’ insurance for any scale or type of technology firm.

How much of an impact to revenue would technology downtime cause to my business?

System downtime can affect a company in myriad ways, both in the short term and long term, and will often occur when it is least expected. There are obvious costs at the start to recover from the initial impact and figure out the solution. However, a significant cost is the loss of revenue from the business interruption, when downtime stops employees from working and productivity is impacted. We can offer a range of products which focus on the financial side whilst your company gets back up and running. We can also offer advice and expertise on what to do in this situation.

What information do I need to provide in order to get a quote?

This varies, but we like to cover all aspects in order to get the most competitive quote for your company. We will usually ask for:

  • A proposal form covering basic info such as revenues and activities
  • Your accounts for a financial perspective on your company
  • A pitch deck, in order to get wider insight into your activities and ensure we aren’t missing anything

Can I extend my cover to the US?

Yes, we require a little more information to get your US subsidiary covered. This normally just extends to knowing the percentage of your revenue that comes from the USA.

What is the limit on my policy?

The limit you opt for is a business decision and can range from £250,000 to £10m, for example. There are many factors in play when it comes to deciding the appropriate limit for your company. These vary from the size of contracts, revenue and regulatory requirements.

Do I need public liability cover for my software firm if all my employees work from home?

If you or your employees welcome individuals into your homes as part of your business activities, or you leave your homes to take care of business, we’d recommend this cover. Individuals could include clients, suppliers, couriers, contractors – basically, any member of the public who isn’t an employee.

Is cyber insurance mandatory for technology companies?

Cyber insurance is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. Your company is most likely processing or holding a lot of sensitive data, or relying on network or system uptime. Cyber insurance protects this data and your business against the financial, legal and reputational impacts of a data breach, system downtime, cybercrime or ransomware attack.

Authorised by the FCA

The FCA supervises UK financial services firms to protect consumers. We are directly authorised and regulated by the FCA and our Firm Reference Number is 656459. These details can be confirmed on the Financial Services Register at or by calling the FCA on 0845 606 1234.

Protected by the FSCS

If you are a business with an annual turnover under £1m, charity with an annual income under £1m, or trust with net assets under £1m, then you will be entitled to compensation from the FSCS in the unlikely event we cannot meet our obligations. Full details and further information on the scheme are available at

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