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Some of the covers we offer insurtech companies include

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Once again Superscript made the renewal process painless. Their understanding of the needs of an insurtech startup is hugely beneficial and saves a great deal of time and energy for fast moving businesses like ours.


Insurtech insurance FAQs

What is an insurtech?

An insurtech is a hybrid company that mixes the various types of insurance with innovative technology. It's often classified as a sub-set of fintech.

Why do insurtechs need bespoke insurance?

Like many emerging businesses at the intersection of technology and industry, insurtech businesses aren’t likely to find all of their exposures covered in a single policy.

For instance, traditional insurance broker or company policies won’t necessarily cover liability arising from the failure of technology, sub-contractor liability or intellectual property infringement.

On the other hand, tech E&O insurers aren’t likely to cover exposures from the provision of insurance products or provide comprehensive regulatory investigations coverage.

What are the risks that insurtech business face?

Insurtechs can face a myriad of risks, like any other cutting-edge industry. For example, regulatory compliance challenges, cyber threats, data privacy concerns and the need for continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

How much does insurtech insurance cost?

Just like any other business insurance product that your company needs to purchase, many factors will determine the premium your company will have to pay for insurtech insurance:

  • Claims history
  • Company revenue
  • Limit choice
  • Level of excess
  • Location
  • Business activities (i.e. type of insurance offering).

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Protected by the FSCS

If you are a business with an annual turnover under £1m, charity with an annual income under £1m, or trust with net assets under £1m, then you will be entitled to compensation from the FSCS in the unlikely event we cannot meet our obligations. Full details and further information on the scheme are available at

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