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Insurance for life sciences, telehealth and diagnostics that protects your ideas as much as your business and its assets.

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If you are a tech or consumer start up looking for business insurance I highly recommend the team at Superscript. Forward thinking and definitely not working out of the old school playbook. Lewis Chawko and Ella Henderson got to work with a tight deadline and did a brilliant job at understanding our complex business and our needs very quickly. They were able to save us over 20% on our prior year cover with no compromises.

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What insurance do medtech businesses need?

Ella Henderson, Account Manager

As businesses in the medtech space continue to see huge growth, their exposure in terms of risk also increases. It's important we work closely to identify the risks to cover, and help medtech businesses understand what they need from their insurance policy.

Medtech insurance FAQs

Does medical malpractice insurance cover bodily harm?

Bodily harm arising from cyber events, faulty technology or system outages in the medtech field is a relatively new area for insurance to cover. Indeed, most professional indemnity products traditionally exclude claims of bodily harm. However, Superscript has been able to arrange medical malpractice insurance that covers bodily harm for some of Europe’s biggest medtech companies.

Is my medtech insurance premium tax deductible?

Yes, the cost of your annual policy counts as an allowable business expense and can be written off against your taxable profit.

What medtech products are covered by product liability insurance?

This could include, but is not limited to, tangible medical technology products, including wearable technology and self-monitoring healthcare devices, including cover for devices failing to perform as intended and those exported anywhere in the world. If a product is supposed to be ingested, it would require regulatory approval before insurers would consider covering it.

How does cyber insurance cover the medtech sector?

Superscript’s medtech insurance product features cyber cover that is tailored specifically to the cyber risks that medical technology businesses face.

In addition to liability coverage for data breaches, our innovative insurance can extend to cover GDPR penalties and ransomware attacks. It can also cover things like restoration of data and loss of profits due to a data breach. In 2020, the healthcare industry was the largest target for ransomware demands. This trend is predicted to continue.

We offer a cybercrime extension that will reimburse up to £100,000 in financial losses caused by funds transfer fraud (social engineering), phone hacking, botnet attack and cryptojacking.

Does intellectual property cover include patent infringement?

In some cases, we can extend IP cover to include infringement of a patent.

Do I need public liability insurance if my business is office-based?

Even if you’re mainly office-based, going to events and visiting clients will increase your risk exposure, making public liability insurance crucial for almost every business in the medtech space.

Does directors' and officers' insurance only cover large companies?

In short, no. D&O insurance covers directors for risks they may face personally for the management of the company, irrespective of whether it’s a large publicly-traded company or a startup with a few employees. This cover is increasingly becoming an investor requirement.

Are medtech businesses covered by medical malpractice policies?

Traditional medical malpractice policies often do not cover practitioners for work done via a telemedicine platform as it would fall outside the scope of their usual services. As such, medical technology companies operating at the cutting edge of the market might consider specialist, tailor-made medtech cover.

What are the benefits of intellectual property (IP) insurance?

Beyond the cover provided by the insurance, the process of sourcing this insurance has the added benefit of being a very good risk management exercise on competitor monitoring and analysis as well as understanding your Freedom to Operate.

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