Posts by Jack Scott-Bowden

Jack's drive has always been to work in a highly collaborate and innovative environment. So, it's no surprise to see that he is so passionate about all things fintech. Jack has been providing tailored insurance solutions in the financial institutions and fintech sector for last four years. A fintech business will often have a unique combination of exposures. As a Senior Account Manager in our Advisory team, Jack offers a wealth of experience in guiding fintechs through the complex and ever-evolving intersection between financial services and technology.

18 August 23
4 minute read

Generative AI - risk versus reward

With businesses rapidly embracing generative AI's incredible potential, what are the risks involved in integrating with revolutionary technologies?

27 July 22
3 minute read

Fintech. Mind the gap. Next stop, SM&CR

A likely expansion of SM&CR will impact how fintechs approach their directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. In this article our expert explains the actions you can take now, and how Superscript can help.

16 February 22
3 minute read

How has growth created risks for fintechs in 2022?

The rapid growth of fintech, while encouraging, has created greater risks for businesses in the industry. Here, we discussed what these are and how to avoid them.