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Masha has specialised in marketing and branding for almost 10 years, having previously worked at various branding agencies and on a number of award-winning brand projects. As Brand Manager at Superscript, she focuses on campaign planning and activation as well as partner marketing. She was heavily involved in the rebranding from Digital Risks to Superscript and is passionate about changing the insurance industry for the better. Here, she shares her take on the latest trends, tips and top lists for business owners and beyond.

02 April 21
3 minute read

Scaling up a microbusiness | 5 top tips

From IT infrastructure and competitor analysis to early stage funding, read our essentials for scaling up a micro business. Get started now.

22 March 21
4 minute read

2021 health and beauty trends from California

California leads the way in health, beauty and wellness. Here are 13 West coast trends set to transform our habits in 2021.

26 January 21
5 minute read

Top apps to help you save money in 2021

Want to take the effort out of saving money and managing your finances? These apps do it for you.

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17 January 21
4 minute read

Celebrities who've created successful businesses

From Rihanna to Ashton Kutcher, meet the celebrities who have leveraged their fame to create seriously successful businesses.

24 December 20
3 minute read

Health and wellbeing hacks for entrepreneurs

Starting a business is intense. Entrepreneurs often end up putting work before everything. Here are our tips for staying healthy and achieving balance.

18 November 20
3 minute read

What is my carbon footprint and how can I reduce it?

For a healthier planet, we need to understand and reduce our carbon footprints. Here are 7 practical tips to drive down your carbon emissions.

16 November 20
6 minute read

How to build a company culture

Happy employees are more effective employees. How do you build a company culture that keeps your team fulfilled and engaged? We share 16 practical tips.