Advisory and broking posts

Superscript's advisory and broking service offers bespoke insurance to high-growth tech businesses. Get to grips with challenging topics, like cybersecurity, tech and AI, with guides and tips for businesses that want to scale up, companies with specialised services and those who want to delve into deeper business stuff.

30 May 24
5 minute read

What insurance do you need to win an NHS contract?

Are you a medtech founder bidding on your first NHS contract? Learn how having the right insurance in place can put you in a better position.

22 May 24
4 minute read

Insurance when you're merging or acquiring

With many companies going through mergers and acquisitions, what happens with your insurance? Read on to find out…

09 May 24
5 minute read

Why is it so tough to buy insurance for your tech startup?

As a tech founder, business insurance can be a headache. But it can also be essential. Read on to see how we address common founder pain points.

06 March 24
5 minute read

Inspiring inclusion this International Women’s Day

Want to inspire inclusion in the lifecycle of your hiring and culture processes? We brought together two experts to give you their tip tips. Read on for more.

29 February 24
4 minute read

What risks do gaming companies face?

Regulation changes, hacking, copyright claims, lawsuits… gaming companies sit in an ever-evolving space. Find out the top risks they face and how to tackle them.

13 February 24
5 minute read

SaaS + AI = breaking boundaries (+ risk)

More and more, SaaS companies are utilising AI to stay one step ahead of the game. But what are the risks involved and how can they be mitigated? Read on to learn more.

01 February 24
4 minute read

9 Lithuanian fintechs we’ve got our eye on

Everyone’s talking about Lithuanian fintech, so we’ve done a deep dive to find the best of the best in a country teeming with innovation. Read on to find out more.