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How does trust create a luxurious experience? How does trust create a luxurious experience?

Ways to give your clients a touch of luxury from home.

Nothing beats a spa day; from the fancy venue, lapping up the state-of-the-art beauty treatments to – the best bit – getting to spend the whole day in a bathrobe.

There’s no denying the soul-nourishing benefits that come with a day of luxury self-care. But if you’re a mobile provider or self-employed therapist or technician looking to replicate the premium spa day experience for your clients from home, you probably appreciate the challenge of not living in a five-star resort hotel.

But don’t worry – beyond scented candles and dressing gowns, these are some of the best ways to create luxury spa experiences for clients from the comfort of home.

Play to your strengths – your convenience

Your most powerful asset, aside from your skill and expertise, is your convenience. Whether you’re operating from your spare room or your client’s living room, you offer your client the luxury of accommodating their diary.

Time is a luxury, so it might sound obvious that being prepared and on-schedule shows your client a great level of respect. Logistically, it also means that your client gets the most out of their experience and will pay for your services again and again, which is ultimately your goal.

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

A spa day is wonderful, but they’re often an indulgence limited by our bank balances.

In an ideal world, your client probably doesn’t want to be having an aromatherapy massage while the kids are wrestling in the room next door, but we have to work with what we’ve got.

It’s up to you to remind them that their spa time is precious and worth every penny they’re spending.

Just because your client isn’t seeing you in Gleneagles, your expert service delivered with the utmost professionalism will make the client feel like they’re getting that celebrity treatment, without the inflated price tag.

People generally appreciate feeling like they got more than they bargained for, so being good value for money will help enforce your reputation. Think about ways you can go the extra mile to deliver something more for your client: is it a free upgrade to a premium product or a complimentary foot massage while their pedicure dries?

Your good reputation is priceless

We previously touched on your reputation. This extremely valuable asset is one that money can’t buy, so must be protected and nurtured.

What has this got to do with your client? The key to relaxation is feeling safe, and when a client knows they’re in capable hands, they unwind much quicker.

Measures like ensuring that your qualifications are up-to-date and your equipment is top-notch and in full working order will impress your clients and help alleviate any stresses they have before coming to you.

No one wants to feel like they’re in the GP waiting room in their own home, so making sure your service runs smoothly and that you’re on-time will further enforce your reputation and help your client relax in confidence.

Also – on talking of your reputation – invite your clients to leave reviews on your website, social media platforms or on the likes of Google or TrustPilot to help other potential clients find you and seek your services with confidence.

Insurance can help build valuable trust

While we can take steps to prevent accidents, sometimes these things just happen. Part of your successful reputation is how quickly you handle these mishaps.

Prevention is always better than cure. Specific insurance including relevant covers can go a long way in safeguarding you and your business from the associated compensation costs of claims against you if something goes wrong.

As a mobile beautician, hairdresser or massage therapist, you might consider an insurance policy that includes treatment cover, public liability insurance, equipment cover, personal accident cover or even cyber insurance. Some providers, like Superscript, let you pick the relevant covers you want and leave the ones you don’t need.

It’s important to note that in many cases, there is no legal requirement to have any form of insurance in place. You might want to consider the impact of an uninsured claim on your business and its finances.

However, it can go a long way to building trust with your client. The ability to rectify a problem quickly helps limit the potential disruption a claim may have against your business and can reduce additional stress on behalf of your client.

If you’re unsure whether you need insurance, or want more information about helping protect yourself and your business from claims, check out our preferred insurance provider, Superscript – they’re also offering Ruuby members two months free insurance*.

Set the mood

Now’s the part where the scented candles come in…

Setting up a harmonious environment helps instil a quiet sense of luxury.

By dimming the lights and using scented candles or diffusers you’ll subliminally quieten the senses. Your client may want this space to forget about life outside the room for 30 minutes, so try and reduce noise where possible. You could even offer to play the client’s favourite playlist to help them relax.

Your client will inevitably set the tone, so if they want to chat, by all means indulge them. Because what’s more luxurious than unadulterated me-time? And if all else fails, invite your client to get their dressing gown and put their feet up when you’ve left.

Summary – Creating a luxury home spa experience

Luxury comes in various forms, but convenience and receiving a consistent service from trusted professional that goes above and beyond is always going to win five-stars.

Putting your client and their needs first demonstrates that you are professional and care about them. Giving exceptional service is ultimately priceless because it pays back in repeat bookings and helps build your sterling reputation.

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