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15 October 20
4 minute read

What is the future of cyber attacks and how can you protect your business?

Cyber attacks don’t just affect large companies. Cyber security is becoming an increasing concern for individuals and small companies. Here’s how to stay safe.

18 May 20
4 minute read

How to take your online business from daydream to day job

Want to launch an online business, but not sure where to start? Online business founders share their top tips for success.

14 May 20
4 minute read

Best video conferencing tools 2020

2020 has been the year for video conferencing. We compare five of the best options for your business.

11 May 20
3 minute read

4 reasons to consider cyber insurance

Cyber insurance covers your business against accidental data security breaches and cyber-attacks. We explain why your business may want to consider cyber liability cover.

14 April 20
5 minute read

How to protect your business against cyber crime

With the pandemic keeping us online more than ever, the threat of cyber criminals is more pervasive than ever. To help you protect your business and employees, we’ve put together a guide to common cyber security threats and how you can protect yourself.

21 November 19
5 minute read

The myths around cyber threats and the staggering reality

We have picked the most widely-accepted myths to help business owners rethink and assess the risk areas and start mapping out defence strategies.

21 June 19
2 minute read

Top 5 benefits of data privacy for startups

Start-ups are not immune to the threat of data breaches and have a responsibility to protect their customers data.