Cybersecurity posts

Cyber crime and attacks can happen to any business. Learn how to protect your business and its data from the most common cyber threats like data breaches and hacking with our cybersecurity guides.

18 July 22
6 minute read

What is PCI DSS and what's being updated in 2022?

What is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and what do the version 4.0 updates implemented in 2022 mean for your small business?

14 June 22
4 minute read

Tackle cybersecurity with these must-have tools

Create a protective force field around your business's network, systems and applications with these cybersecurity tools.

09 June 22
4 minute read

How hackers target small businesses

Nearly 40% of small businesses suffered a cyber attack or breach in the last year. Discover how hackers take advantage of cyber blind spots and what you can do to protect your business.

24 November 21
4 minute read

How to navigate the risks of Cyber Monday

Superscript's Head of SuperscriptQ, David Dickson, provides advice to online retailers to protect themselves from online threats this Cyber Monday.

18 October 21
8 minute read

Cybercrime and the retail industry: How to protect your shop

The threat of cybercrime is rising and can affect all businesses, large or small. Read our guide to how retail business owners can protect their shops from digital threats.

01 September 21
4 minute read

Secure cloud storage for small businesses

When choosing a cloud storage provider, security is often a priority. So is cloud storage really safe? And which security features should you look out for?

16 March 21
2 minute read

Should insurers pay ransoms?

Why banning the payments of ransoms would unlikely prevent or reduce the number of ransomware attacks.