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Insurance for electricians

Start with public liability insurance and customise your cover as necessary for your employees, tools, equipment and more.

*From price will vary based on the location of your business and may be less than £6.85 a month.

  • Public liability insurance limits up to £5 million
  • Up to £10k cover for portable tools and equipment (max. £1,000 per item)

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What insurance do electricians need?

Start with public liability insurance (and get just that), or customise your policy to cover additional risks.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is for any business that involves contact with members of the public. It's designed to cover claims made against you for injury or property damage as a direct result of your work. We can cover work that takes place more than 10 metres below ground and both single phase and three phase electrical work.

Our public liability insurance for electricians gives you the option of picking £1 million, £2 million or £5 million cover.

Employers' liability insurance

Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement for employers in the UK. If you hire any employees at all, including apprentices, part-time, or even temporary workers, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered and that you have an employers liability insurance certificate to prove it. Not having it can result in a fine of up to £2,500 per day for each uninsured day.

Our employers' liability cover offers a £10 million limit as standard. It also includes 50 days’ cover for temporary employees, who do not need to be registered with us, each year.

Tools and equipment insurance

A misplaced spanner is one thing, but damaged, lost or stolen specialist equipment is expensive and can be difficult to replace. And tool theft is no joke - it’s one of the biggest concerns for tradesmen in the UK.

Personal accident cover

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Personal accident cover is a popular choice for electricians, as it pays a benefit if you or someone working for you suffers an accident resulting in loss of sight, hearing, speech, a limb, death or permanently disabled and unable to work.

We've made insurance for electricians simple. Get started.

Electrician insurance FAQs

Can you cover multiple trades under the same policy?

Yes - we can cover multiple trades under one policy. If, for example, you're also carrying out building work, we may be able to cover this too. You'll be able to add multiple business activities to your quote as part of our 10-minute quotation process.

Will I be covered to work abroad?

Our cover gives you the freedom to work temporarily (up to 180 days) anywhere within the European Union, knowing you’re covered as per usual.

Do you cover tools stored in a vehicle overnight?

Our standard cover does not include this. It specifically excludes theft of tools and equipment from any vehicle left unattended between the hours of 9pm and 6am. However, we do offer the option to insure your tools stored securely in your van overnight, if the vehicle is parked in a locked compound, at an additional cost.

Do I need to tell you each time I get a new employee?

If you have employers' liability insurance with us, you will need to let us know each time you get a new permanent employee. For temporary workers, however, we’ll automatically cover you for up to 50 days in any one period of insurance.

What will affect the cost of my insurance?

The cost of your cover will vary depending on the work you carry out. Jobs that could more easily cause harm to the public, or tools of high value, present more risk and a bigger payout in the event of a claim. This typically means the cost of your insurance will be higher than it would be to cover a lower work, or less valuable equipment.

What excess would I need to pay?

This will vary depending on the nature of your claim. For example, the excess on a public liability claim, or a tools claim, would be £250, while the excess on a hired-in plant claim would be £500. This is because plant tend to be more expensive to replace.

The only cover that is a legal requirement is employers' liability insurance, for businesses with employees. However, you may want to consider insurance for other reasons, such as: your trade association may require it; your clients may require it; you may decide that the risk of a claim against you - or tools theft - is too high a price to pay, not to insure.

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