SuperscriptQ launches. An advisory service for emerging risks.

Customisable business insurance
31 January 2022
1 minute read

Today we announce the launch of a digitally-driven insurance advisory service, SuperscriptQ, for businesses with emerging and hard-to-place risks.

While Superscript’s online direct proposition provides over 1,000 different small business types with a quote in 4 minutes through a self-serve cover builder; SuperscriptQ blends machine-learning technology and data-science with expert advisors to help larger businesses with more complex risk profiles secure bespoke cover easily and quickly. The entire process’ lifecycle and customer journey is managed digitally through Superscript’s proprietary technology; enhancing transparency for customers and seamlessly integrating data with advice.

Superscript already arranges insurance for thousands of innovative start-ups and scale-ups in emerging sectors around the globe, and has seen demand increase substantially in this space. In fact, premium from advised customers has grown by 150% over the past 12 months.

David Dickson, Head of SuperscriptQ, said:

The launch of SuperscriptQ will benefit everyone in the supply-chain. We are bridging the gap between underwriters and complex high-growth digital businesses which are struggling to find insurance that can keep up with their rapidly evolving risks. Our advisory team works tirelessly to reduce the burden of insurance for businesses with emerging risks. As their businesses become more complex, we want to make their insurance easier. Now as SuperscriptQ, we will be completely digital, backed by cutting-edge machine-learning technology, allowing us to do our jobs more effectively and reliably, providing numerous tangible benefits for our customers.

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