Partner posts

Superscript partners with lots of businesses to bring our customisable insurance to their customers. Here, they share their knowledge on the things they know most about to help you build a better business.

07 December 22
2 minute read

Understanding taxes for your side hustle

Do I need to pay tax for my side hustle? What’s a Self Assessment? A TaxScouts accountant answers some of the most common questions about taxes for side gigs.

11 August 22
1 minute read

Superscript teams up with ESPN

Superscript has teamed up with ESPN, one of cricket’s most-loved brands, in an exclusive content partnership.

14 July 22
1 minute read

Superscript teams up with Virgin Money

We've partnered up with Virgin Money to provide tailored business insurance for business banking customers.

25 January 22
8 minute read

Tax guide for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with many responsibilities, including taxes. In this guide, we explain tax basics for self-employed professionals.

10 May 21
4 minute read

Essential legal documents for your business

In this article, we identify the legal documents that are essential to organise when establishing a strong legal grounding for your business

27 April 21
3 minute read

Five tips for digital marketing success

From quick wins to longer term gains, our partner Yell shares their top tips for boosting your digital marketing strategy in 2021.

14 April 21
5 minute read

Pensions, a self-employed secret weapon

Pensions are a confusing area and not everyone knows what they are or how they work. Penfold covers the essentials to help you get more bang for your buck.