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Keep up to date on Brexit news for businesses, including the changing rules, legal requirements, travel updates and how these could affect you and your business.
25 May 21
5 minute read

A guide to post-Brexit travel for UK businesses

The rules for UK business travel in Europe changed on 1st January 2021. Find out how this could impact you.

12 March 21
3 minute read

Brexit business update: Data, IP and travel

New rules for UK businesses on data, intellectual property and business travel to the EU.

17 December 20
3 minute read

Brexit: legal implications for businesses

Pre-deal, businesses should think about how their contracts and business may be affected from 1 January 2021. Here's how.

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26 October 20
1 minute read

Brexit transition period

Five things for businesses to think about and action before the end of 2020.