Tax posts

Need to know more about tax? As a business owner, it’s kind of unavoidable. So, we’ve made it as easy as possible to learn what you need to with our tax guides and tips.

24 May 22
6 minute read

Are you Making Tax Digital ready?

Discover how HMRC is making taxes digital and how you can prepare with deadlines, software and sign up information.

11 April 22
4 minute read

What is a P11D form and who needs to submit one?

If your business provides any employees with expenses or benefits such as healthcare, a company car or travel expenses, then you’ll need to submit a P11D form each year.

06 April 22
5 minute read

Tax changes that landlords should know about

April 2022 brings with it a whole slew of changes to tax and National Insurance in the UK. Here’s what landlords across the UK should know about the changes.

04 April 22
5 minute read

What is the dividend tax and how much is it increasing by?

On 6th April 2022, the rate of tax payable on dividends paid out to shareholders by UK companies is increasing. Here we explain what dividend taxes are and how the increase works.

15 March 22
7 minute read

What the National Insurance rate rise means for small businesses

The UK government has announced that on 6th April 2022, the rate of National Insurance payable by employers, employees and the self-employed will increase by 1.25%. We break down what this means for small businesses around the UK.

22 February 22
4 minute read

Allowable expenses for landlords – what can I claim?

From insurance and ground rent to certain maintenance and repair works, what are HMRC’s current allowable expenses for landlords? Read our guide.

18 February 22
6 minute read

What the new EU-UK import rules mean for small businesses

2022 has seen the introduction of new import rules for UK businesses in the post-Brexit world. Here, we break down what these changes in regulation mean for small businesses around the country.