Ultimate guide posts

If you want to find out all there is to know about a particular topic, look no further than our ultimate guides – longer form articles that discect subjects from top to bottom, including things like starting a business, investing, contracting and cyber security.

14 April 22
7 minute read

How to start a candle or wax melt business

Following its boom in 2020, candle making has become a profitable pastime. Learn how to start your own candle or wax melt company with our 10-step guide.

05 April 22
5 minute read

How to write an invoice (with free invoice template)

Invoices are a key part of running any business. This guide takes you through what they are, the various types and how to create one (including a customisable invoice template).

01 April 22
10 minute read

Ultimate guide to business startup costs

Many new businesses struggle with startup costs. Check out our guide to budgeting for your new business, so you know what to expect as you launch your enterprise.

10 March 22
10 minute read

A guide to consumer rights for small businesses

Ever since the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act in 2015, businesses have had to observe certain rules and regulations when selling goods and services. We run down what small businesses need to know.

03 March 22
7 minute read

A guide to finding the right tenant for your property

When letting out your property, finding the right tenants is a crucial part of protecting your investment and your home. We run down the key things to consider when selecting who to rent to.

26 January 22
9 minute read

A guide to your responsibilities as a landlord

Being a landlord comes with a lot of important responsibilities. We run down the key things to be aware of when you own a rental property.

13 December 21
6 minute read

A guide to filing micro entity accounts

Every business in the UK must file their company accounts each year with Companies House. Read our guide for small businesses trying to navigate this often complex process.