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27 February 24
8 minute read

Changes to employee rights in 2024

Stay one step ahead of all the changes to employee rights happening this year, with this handy guide for employers, employees and HR professionals.

28 November 23
7 minute read

A guide to National Insurance for the self-employed [2023 update]

Freelancers and the self-employed pay their National Insurance contributions a little differently to people employed by a company. Read our guide to the ins and outs of how National Insurance works for the self-employed.

25 July 23
4 minute read

National minimum wage: what employers need to know [2023 update]

What is the current national minimum wage, living wage and real wage? And what's the difference? Find out here in this handy guide.

23 March 23
5 minute read

What do interest rate rises mean for small businesses?

As the Bank of England raised interest rates to 4.25% on 23 March – the eleventh consecutive rate rise since 2021 – we look at how this affects small businesses.

13 January 23
4 minute read

Allowable expenses when you’re self-employed

What are allowable expenses? Who can claim them? This guide covers all you need to know – helping you claim everything you’re entitled to.

12 December 22
4 minute read

How much is Statutory Sick Pay, and what's the SSP rate?

If an employee falls ill, they could be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay. But what’s the current SSP rate? And as an employer, what should you know about SSP?

13 October 22
5 minute read

Are you Making Tax Digital ready?

Learn more about HMRC's initiative to make taxes digital, and find out all you need to know about signing up, meeting upcoming deadlines and finding the right software.