The new world of WFH

The five-day-week office week is a thing of the past for many. In this report, we explore how this has impacted businesses.

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Get insights into how different businesses have adapted to new ways of working.

How have businesses adapted to working from home?

Superscript and YuLife interviewed customers from across different industries to gain an understanding of how small businesses have been coping with the shift from office-based working to remote and hybrid set-ups.

Using qualitative data from interviews with customers and partners, as well as ongoing research on the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, we've created a report that highlights the current ongoing issues for HR and business leaders and highlighted resources to help manage them effectively.

A snapshot of what's inside



Technology - more than ever before - is an invaluable resource for businesses, but it has caused challenges for many. Balancing social engagement over video calls with overkill (see ‘Zoom fatigue’), can’t be addressed by a one-size-fits-all solution.


Employee wellbeing

Businesses are recognising that they have a role to play in employees' mental health, just as employees are coming to expect employers to actively assist in all areas of their wellbeing, including physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.


The pastoral role of managers

Many managers felt ill-equipped when the pandemic meant having to deal with a higher level of poor mental health within teams. A lot of the interviewed professionals felt that this element of management should be part of future training.



The fear of lowered productivity has traditionally made businesses more resistant to employees working from home. However, the pandemic has shown that for many productivity has been maintained.


New perspectives

After months of working from home, the dust has settled on the concept and perceptions of it have changed. Many businesses are now seeing the benefits that a more flexible approach to working can bring both financially and in terms of employee wellbeing.

Checking-in with coworkers

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or lonely, human contact can make all the difference. Here's how and why it's so important to foster a culture of checking-in with coworkers.

Keeping company culture alive

Maintaining company culture is a big challenge for remote workers and distributed teams. Here are Superscript's top tips.

What insurance do you need for your business?

No matter how small your business, it can really pay to be protected - and it won’t necessarily cost you much. Check out our guide to find the right cover.

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