Team culture posts

Company culture is now more valuable than ever to so many employees. Whether you’re trying to build a team or learning how to manage people, our team culture guides can give you the tips and recommendations you need to create a winning culture.

17 June 24
7 minute read

14 ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace in 2024

We caught up with six LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+ founders and diversity and inclusion advocates to get their top tips for building an inclusive workplace.

06 March 24
5 minute read

Inspiring inclusion this International Women’s Day

Want to inspire inclusion in the lifecycle of your hiring and culture processes? We brought together two experts to give you their tip tips. Read on for more.

13 October 23
3 minute read

What do staff want at a work Christmas party?

What do employees enjoy about company Christmas parties? And in a tough economic climate, what’s the best use of your budget? Our survey has answers.

08 March 22
6 minute read

6 companies' commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion

To celebrate International Women's Day, we're shining a spotlight on the companies that are making it their mission to Break the Bias – IWD's theme for 2022.

09 February 22
5 minute read

Random acts of kindness ideas for businesses

Discover how your business can help your community, employees and those in need with this list of ways to give back.

08 February 22
6 minute read

Employing an apprentice – what you need to know

Apprentices can add a lot of value to your business – but how do you hire them? And what funding is available to businesses? Read on for our guide to apprenticeships in the UK.

06 January 22
2 minute read

How to write an effective job description (including template)

Find the right person for your vacancies with our tips for writing an effective job description, including a detailed, free, downloadable template.