Team culture posts

Company culture is now more valuable than ever to so many employees. Whether you’re trying to build a team or learning how to manage people, our team culture guides can give you the tips and recommendations you need to create a winning culture.

23 August 21
5 minute read

Tips for implementing hybrid working

The world of work has changed, find out how Superscript have implemented a hybrid working model and the lessons learned along the way

20 July 21
9 minute read

What kind of boss would you be?

Thinking about starting a business? Discover what type of leader you'd become based on your personality type, or let our quiz decide for you.

14 July 21
6 minute read

Should you use emojis in professional communications?

Fun and friendly? Or embarrassing and inappropriate? Get the verdict on whether to use emojis at work here.

23 June 21
3 minute read

Why I love working with entrepreneurs

Find out why Superscript's Chief Data Officer, Stewart Duncan, loves working with entrepreneurs.

08 June 21
6 minute read

14 ways to create an LGBT inclusive workplace

We caught up with six LGBT entrepreneurs, LGBT founders and diversity and inclusion advocates to get their top tips for building an inclusive workplace.

08 December 20
4 minute read

What we’ve learnt from growing our team in 2020

Since the start of 2020, we’ve seen our team double in size. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learnt along the way.

28 May 20
4 minute read

10 tips for managing a remote team

Effectively managing an office-based team doesn't always translate to good remote team management. We've put together 10 tips to help you.