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Ben has spent over 13 years in the insurance industry with six focused on crypto insurance. Ben has been an underwriter, broker, team leader and co-founder (Coincover) in the digital asset insurance industry. He has a deep specialism in blockchain and cryptoassets and wrote the first ever UK consumer Bitcoin theft insurance policy. Often featured in articles, podcasts, on stage and online, he’s been held up as a world leader when it comes to digital asset insurance. In 2020, he was awarded a ‘Rising Star’ in the UK insurance industry, and in 2022 was awarded the Young Broker of the Year Award at the Insurance Insider Honours Awards.

15 November 23
4 minute read

3 ways web3 companies can buy insurance

The risks web3 companies face are complex. With innovation at the forefront, it's important to ensure you're properly covered. Read on to discover the three main ways you can get the insurance you may need as a web3 innovator.

08 November 23
4 minute read

The biggest risks web3 companies face

At Superscript, 100% of our web3 claims come from off-chain risks. As complex as the web3 landscape is, it’s often the places founders overlook that turn out to be the most important. Take a read of the three biggest risks web3 founders face.

27 January 22
5 minute read

Top trends in distributed ledger technology

Our roundup of the developments and trends that are driving the distributed ledger technology landscape in 2022.

07 January 22
5 minute read

How to unlock the metaverse for business

A guide to metaverses, why you might be reading more about them and what these digital environments could mean for businesses.

07 December 21
5 minute read

What is decentralised finance for insurance?

A guide to decentralised finance, how it compares to the traditional insurance model and ways it could help insure emerging technologies and their unique risks.

05 July 21
3 minute read

How can brokers help insurers embrace digital currencies?

Digital currencies represent a significant opportunity, find out how brokers and insurers can embrace digital assets.

27 March 21
5 minute read

Cryptoasset market update

The cryptoasset insurance industry, although small, is gaining momentum.