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22 May 24
4 minute read

Insurance when you're merging or acquiring

With many companies going through mergers and acquisitions, what happens with your insurance? Read on to find out…

09 May 24
5 minute read

Why is it so tough to buy insurance for your tech startup?

As a tech founder, business insurance can be a headache. But it can also be essential. Read on to see how we address common founder pain points.

29 February 24
4 minute read

What risks do gaming companies face?

Regulation changes, hacking, copyright claims, lawsuits… gaming companies sit in an ever-evolving space. Find out the top risks they face and how to tackle them.

07 December 23
5 minute read

Everything you need to know about intellectual property

Ever wondered what intellectual property is? Want to know how intellectual property insurance can help protect your business? Then read this handy guide.

15 November 23
4 minute read

3 ways web3 companies can buy insurance

The risks web3 companies face are complex. With innovation at the forefront, it's important to ensure you're properly covered. Read on to discover the three main ways you can get the insurance you may need as a web3 innovator.

18 October 23
3 minute read

Mitigating the unique risks tech companies can face

Tech companies face a number of unique risks, but luckily there are various insurance solutions available to address them. Read on to learn how.

13 September 23
6 minute read

Get your business on track after a break in

Having your business equipment stolen is traumatic, expensive and disruptive. Here's our checklist of the steps you should take to get back on your feet.