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28 July 22
8 minute read

What is insurance fraud and what are its consequences?

Insurance fraud – when the holder of a policy knowingly and deliberately makes a false claim – can be an extremely serious act, with significant consequences.

16 June 22
5 minute read

Startup insurance - a guide for founders

Find out in simple terms what insurance you might consider as a startup founder, and what situations may make it necessary to update your coverage.

20 January 22
2 minute read

What should startup businesses look for in an insurer?

With differing risks and requirements to an established business, find out what you should look for in an insurer to cover your scaling company.

11 January 22
4 minute read

What insurance does my startup need?

Discover which covers are most relevant to your growing business and why you need them in the third installment of our startup series.

16 December 21
4 minute read

8 reasons why startups need insurance

As a new business, you might not think you need insurance just yet. But here are 8 reasons why it's a safe bet and could even benefit your startup.

22 November 21
7 minute read

How to protect your business from startup risks

We take a look at the risks your startup faces and how you can prepare and protect your self against them.

22 June 21
3 minute read

The benefits of monthly business insurance

Annual or monthly? If you're considering this question when buying business insurance, check out the differences here.