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Insurance 101 posts

16 September 20
6 minute read

What insurance do advertising and creative agencies need?

Creativity and innovation go together, but with technology comes new risks. Find out about the most common risks faced by creative agencies and the covers that can offer protection.

25 August 20
4 minute read

Tips for making a successful business insurance claim

Making a business insurance claim is always going to be stressful, but there are steps you can take to help, both when choosing cover and when it comes to making the claim.

12 March 20
4 minute read

Videography insurance: it’s not just the kit

There's more to think about than just your camera, when it comes to videographer insurance. Check out our guide to videographer insurance.

04 March 20
4 minute read

Commercial legal protection: a quick guide

From court costs and employee disputes to tax enquiries, commercial legal protection is an essential for many businesses. Read our guide to find out why.

28 February 20
5 minute read

Is your digital agency prepped for these top 5 risks?

At Superscript, we understand the risks faced by digital agencies. Read about the top five risks to kick off your action plan.

25 February 20
5 minute read

Who needs media liability insurance? Your checklist

If your business publishes content online, media liability insurance is a good thing to have. Use our checklist to find out if you need it.

21 January 19
3 minute read

What kind of insurance does your small business require?

Working out what small business insurance you need can seem pretty daunting, so here're the key policies that you need to consider.