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22 June 21
3 minute read

The benefits of monthly business insurance

Annual or monthly? If you're considering this question when buying business insurance, check out the differences here.

30 April 21
2 minute read

What is run-off cover?

If you've retired or are changing careers, run-off cover can protect you from mistakes that come to light after you've stopped working or changed careers.

22 January 21
4 minute read

The electricians guide to insurance

Find out everything you need to know about choosing the best insurance for your electrical business.

26 November 20
11 minute read

Small business cyber security guide

Find out about cyber security risks and what you can do to protect your small business.

16 October 20
5 minute read

What insurance do fintech businesses need?

Running a fintech business is exciting, but it presents a cocktail of risks. We explain what types of insurance to think about.

08 October 20
3 minute read

Reviewing your public liability insurance

The level of public liability cover you need will change as your business grows. Find out what might require you to review your cover.

16 September 20
6 minute read

Advertising & creative agencies insurance

Creativity and innovation go together, but with technology comes new risks. Find out about the most common risks faced by creative agencies.