Where to start with cybersecurity

Ben Rose
Chief Underwriting Officer
03 August 2016
1 minute read

If you think that small businesses don't need to worry about cyber-attacks, then think again.

A recent Government survey found that a third of small businesses and half of medium sized businesses were hit by an attack last year, costing an average of £2,620 each. And that's not counting the reputational damage that goes along with it.

Small businesses can be particularly vulnerable for a number of reasons. Firstly, you're very busy.

You have a lot on your plate and wear numerous hats, which means cybersecurity inevitably gets neglected.

Secondly, you're probably not a cybersecurity or legal expert, which means it's easy to overlook your responsibilities around handling data, and what you need to do to plug the gaps.

Ben Rose, our Chief Underwriting Officer and Co-Founder, spoke to Think Bigger about some simple steps you should take to reduce your exposure.

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