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Episode 9: Top tips for founders looking to play the BNPL way

By Now Pay Later (BNPL) was once the most talked about areas of fintech. But, like so many in the space, it has come under huge pressure as a result of regulatory developments and the current financial climate. This episode, we’re talking to Jennifer Staniforth, a Senior Associate and BNPL specialist at Hogan Lovells, about her top tips for founders looking to play the BNPL way.

Episode 8: Handling the HR haggle

In the last year we’ve seen major tech companies stripping themselves of staff, with over 180,000 redundancies this year alone. Who better to guide us through the trends within talent than employment lawyer, specialising in tech, Christina Hutchinson? Whether you’re a founder or employee, tune in to learn the nuances of British employment law and how to handle the HR haggle.

Episode 7: How founders should approach operating in multiple jurisdictions

Fintech legal powerhouse Diego Ballon Ossio is in the hot seat chatting with Ben about the common mistakes founders make when pivoting into new jurisdictions. He deals with start ups developing cutting edge financial tech daily, and has a front row seat to supporting them navigate the different regulatory considerations across multiple jurisdictions. Definitely not an episode to miss!

Episode 6: A strategic approach to going global

Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Ahmedabad, Lisbon, Edinburgh. This is an episode for any scale-up pondering where to go next. Jen Garcia has helped fintechs of all sizes - from three people through to 3,000 - successfully enter new territories and go global. Jen chats to Ben to give the lowdown on what it takes to make this jump successfully, when is the right time and the classic mistakes to avoid. Some seriously valuable insights in this one.

Episode 5: A new approach to bring giving into the 21st century

Ben gets the scoop from Jay Boisvert, founder of new socially-conscious social media platform, Wunder. Jay , who in his own words is, “not a techy” takes us through his journey into tech, his approach to sourcing the right investors, and how he’s bringing giving into the 21st century. This one is chockablock with the good stuff!

Episode 4: Why founders need to invest in the fundamentals at the earliest stage

Ben chats with founder of Dragon Argent, James Taylor, about why it’s so important for tech founders to invest in the fundamentals early on. We hear about James’ first exit, his professional services expertise and the journey which saw him establish himself within the tech industry. He also sheds light on some of the most common founder disputes and the consequences of them - you’ll want to avoid those!

Episode 3: Your ego is not your amigo

We couldn't have said it better. In this episode, Ben chats with UJJI co-founder and COO, Rafael Guper, about his unique journey featuring the "Brazilian Headspace", dog noses, the difference between differentiation and distinctiveness, neuroscience, the future of learning and development, and so much more.

Episode 2: The value of ideas - and why it's so important to protect them

Ben and IP solicitor David Holt explore the surprisingly common but potentially devastating legal mistakes founders often make when entering the world of business.

Episode 1: Getting the right kind of attention from investors in 2023

Ben chats with startup advisor and angel investor Eva Dobrzanska about getting the right attention from investors in 2023 - from how to approach them, getting funding, and 'the elephant in the room' that is flexibility around valuations.

Q&A with host Ben Small

What started in 2021 (before he joined Superscript) as Ben's tech and blockchain themed podcast 'Edge of the Block', is now Tech Moxie.

The Superscript connection took shape when Ben spotted Ben Davis and Dan Ross from Superscript's Digital Assets team in the press and invited them to create an episode: Let's talk RISK ft Superscript. The rest, as they say, is history - and culminated in Ben joining SuperscriptQ as Partnerships Manager.

Tell us a little about yourself.

So having grown up in the middle of nowhere in South West France, Tech probably was going to be the last industry I was likely to end up working in. Or maybe the lack of tech made me want it more - I don’t know!

I’ve worked in traditional payments, fintech, crypto and now insurance and have got to collaborate with some amazing businesses already. The great thing is there is so much collaboration and often the same talented people keep popping up in new roles.

I feel so lucky to have taken this path because there is always an exciting journey around the corner.

How long have you been podcasting?

I’ve been podcasting since January 2022.

What inspired you to start podcasting?

The great thing about broking is you get to speak to all kinds of interesting and inspiring people. I thought sharing those conversations would help others get inspired as much as they inspired me.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Tech Moxie’?

Besides just loving the word - Moxie - and that way it looks in print, its meaning (guts, grit, determination, know-how) is applicable to the tech innovators we have on the show.

What’s the aim of Tech Moxie?

The aim of Tech Moxie is to help our clients and partners share their story with our network.

Do you have any advice for starting a podcast?

Just get started!

Buy a microphone, get some art work on Fiver, find someone to clean up your edits on Fiver too. That's the easy bit.

Everyone in your network will have something interesting to say, so ask them to share it with the world!

Any podcast mishaps you’ve learnt from?

It’s very easy to put people off doing it with you if they feel they have to prep loads. It can be quite scary. So make it really conversational and you will get the best out of them.

Ask for help too. Sometimes you feel like you have to tackle it alone but actually I got my first guests on my podcast by reaching out to some of my close friends asking them if they knew anyone who is super keen on the topic I was interested in.

Once you have the ball rolling and you have a couple of examples to send it becomes way easier.

  • Have a post-it note above your screen reminding you to press record.
  • Have another post-it note ready, reminding you to unmute.
  • Final post-it note reminding you to have fun! Sorry, very cheesy.

Who would be your dream podcast guest?

When you think of Tech and innovation you cannot look past Oriane Chausiaux. She’s made the jump from the world of academia to entrepreneurship, which brings about a wonderful amalgamation of different perspectives.

I'd love to get inside her head and understand where she sees the medtech space going, particularly given everything that has been going on in the world over the course of the last three years or so.

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