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What does hairdressing insurance cover?

Working closely with clients on a daily basis makes public liability insurance an essential cover for barbers, hairdressers and salons. A slip on a freshly cleaned floor - or a missing handbag - could result in an expensive claim against your business. Depending on the work you carry out, you may want to consider a number of other covers too.

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What does public liability cover?



Cutting and styling hair involves sharp and hot tools and constant contact with clients - a pretty dangerous combination! An accidental trip and slip of a blade could land you with an expensive claim. Public liability covers legal and compensation costs arising from accidental injury caused by your business activities.


Damage or theft

If a client's property is damaged or stolen at your salon or workplace, you could be liable for the cost of repairing or replacing it - even if it wasn't directly your fault. This is a big risk at busy salons, where clients often leave property out of sight. Public liability covers accidental damage and theft on your premises.



Even if you don't make your own cosmetics, any product you give or sell could leave you liable if someone, say, had an allergic reaction. This is especially true if you're selling products manufactured outside the EU. Our public liability cover automatically includes product liability.

What insurance do hairdressers need?

Every business is unique, so while you'll likely start with public liability, you may also like to think about the covers listed below. Our quote journey will guide you through your options, so there's no need to make a decision immediately.

Public liability insurance

The most popular cover for many businesses, public liability insurance offers financial compensation in the event that a client, or any other non-employee, takes legal action against you for injury or property damage caused by your work.

Contents and equipment cover

Salon furniture isn't cheap, and electrical equipment that's being moved around and used day in, day out is likely to get damaged or broken at some point. A no-brainer for any business with specialised equipment, contents and equipment insurance covers the cost to repair or replace accidentally damaged contents and equipment.

Employers' liability insurance

If you employ a team, employers' liability cover is a legal requirement for businesses in the UK - regardless of whether your team is made up of temporary or part-time staff.

Personal accident cover

If you have employees, this will pay compensation if they suffer an accident resulting in loss of sight, hearing, speech or a limb, death or leaving them disabled and permanently unable to work.

Cyber insurance

You may be surprised to see this one on the list, but cyber insurance is relevant to any business that stores personally identifiable information. As a hairdressing business, you'll likely store information about your clients in your database, such as names, email address and even birth dates. This could make you the target of data theft, or result in someone accidentally breaching GDPR legislation by sending out a company email to people who haven't officially opted in to receive them.

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Hairdressing insurance FAQs

How much does hairdressing insurance cost?

This depends on the level and types of cover you choose for your business. Our public liability cover starts from £5.13 per month.

Do self-employed hairdressers have to get insurance?

While most insurance is optional rather than mandatory, most self-employed professionals opt for public liability at the very least, as an accidental injury to a client could result in devastating costs.

Do hair salons have to get insurance?

Most insurance is optional rather than mandatory. An exception to this is employers' liability cover, which is a legal requirement for anyone with employees. Despite this, the majority of businesses that have lots of contact with clients consider public liability an essential, as many would be unable to afford an uninsured claim.

Can you cover mobile hairdressers?

Yes, our public liability insurance can cover mobile hairdressing.

Does your public liability cover hairdressing treatments?

Our insurance covers you for bodily injury to your client arising out of a broad range of hairdressing treatments.

Will my equipment be covered if it's stored in my car, while traveling between jobs?

Yes, if you have contents and equipment cover, your equipment will be covered while in transit.

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