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Even if your client’s injury during their workout wasn’t your fault, it’s nice to know you’re insured. And if someone damages your equipment, the right cover will take care of that too.

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What does personal trainer insurance cover?

Seeing a range of fitness journeys first-hand, giving all-important motivation and helping clients reach their peak physical fitness is why you became a PT. But while your clients rely on you to get them into shape and give the best advice, sometimes accidents can happen as a result of your guidance.

10% of personal trainers paid £5.97 a month or less for their Superscript business insurance between January and March 2023.

Our insurance for personal trainers is designed to protect you from incidents such as a client suffering an injury, someone's property getting damaged during one of your sessions, an injury to you or your equipment getting broken. You can pick the cover that applies to you most, and our PT insurance includes:

  • £1, £2 or £5 million of public liability cover
  • Optional employers' liability and sports equipment cover
  • Changes to your level of cover at no extra cost
  • Instant documents into your inbox after you've signed up

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What insurance do personal trainers need?

Professional indemnity insurance

Part of being a personal trainer is giving tailored guidance and health plans to your clients. And while you'll always try to give the best advice, sometimes it doesn't go to plan.

A client could easily leave out some vital information or misinterpret your advice, which could then cause them an illness or injury. If they went on to sue you, professional indemnity insurance would cover legal and compensation costs that are linked to the claim.

If you run a blog or social media account to show the results of your client's progress, you'd also be covered for claims like accidental copyright infringement under our PI cover, as it includes media liability insurance.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for personal trainers is a popular cover as you regularly work with and around people. This type of cover steps up if a client or member of the public sues you as a result of an incident that happened in one of your sessions or under your direction. This could include a client pulling a back muscle after attempting a move incorrectly, a weight landing on someone's foot or a phone falling out of a pocket during some jumping.

Claims that require legal defense and compensation can become expensive, which you would have to cover yourself if you didn't have insurance.

Another thing to consider is that if you're renting gym or studio space, the owner may require you to have public liability insurance.

Personal accident insurance

With all that movement and equipment, it can be easy for you to have an accident yourself. If you, or one of your employees, suffers an injury that means you're no longer able to work – either permanently or for a period of time – personal accident insurance can offer compensation to cover your earnings.

Sports equipment insurance

If you supply your own workout equipment and it gets broken accidentally, our equipment insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement, so you don't miss a single session. Sports equipment insurance will also cover equipment that you transport to different locations.

Employers' liability insurance

From fellow PTs to part-time admin support, if you hire any employees, you’re legally required to have employers' liability insurance. It's similar to public liability insurance, but covers injury and damage claims made by your employees as a result of being at work.

Our employers' liability offers £10 million of cover as standard.

Once you've completed a quote, you'll be able to view a summary of cover. Please always refer to your policy documents for full details around exclusions, terms and limits of your customised cover. Read our guide to understanding your policy documents.

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Our quote builder makes it super simple to tailor your cover to exactly what your business needs. If your business is in flux, it's easy to change your level of cover in your online account once you're signed up for no extra charge.


Speedy claims

Every one of our claims is handled in house, making the claims process fast with no lengthy delays, allowing you to get back to your sessions without added stress hanging over your head.

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Personal trainer insurance FAQs

How much is PT insurance?

The cost of personal trainer insurance varies depending on a few factors, including: your business turnover, the level of cover you need and whether you have employees.

Our personal trainer insurance starts from £5.97 a month, but to find out exactly how much your premiums would be, it's best to get a quote – it takes less than 4 minutes!

10% of personal trainers paid £5.97 a month or less for their Superscript business insurance between January and March 2023.

I offer online as well as in-person sessions, do you cover that?

Yes, our PT insurance includes online sessions as part of the cover.

Do I need to be qualified to get personal trainer liability insurance?

You don't need to show your qualifications when buying a policy. However, if you administer any therapy, treatment or medicine as part of your PT practice, you'll need to show the necessary and recognised qualifications if you make a claim.

I offer training in various locations – are all of them covered?

Yes – it doesn't matter if you train in your home, at a public gym or in the park, you'll be covered anywhere in the UK with our PT insurance. If you offer your PT services globally, we can also cover your insured equipment temporarily anywhere in the world.

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