How to write an effective job description (including template)

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06 January 2022
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To hire amazing talent, you need to attract it. This is where a powerful job description comes in. A job description should be engaging and personable, giving the candidate all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to apply. If your job description is effective, you’ll no doubt see those applications come in droves.

If you're in the midst of writing a job description, we’ve created a template that anyone can use – simply enter your email below to download the Word document that you can edit yourself.

It includes the following sections with useful prompts to help you write each one:

  • Company background
  • About the role
  • About the candidate
  • Company benefits
  • How to apply

Download your free job description template

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Job descriptions will vary depending on the job you’re advertising for, but here are some tips that should make the writing process easier and the content as successful as it can be.

Tips for writing a job description

  • Let your brand’s personality shine through (but not so much that it’s confusing)
  • Use accessible and inclusive language
  • Think about the role you’re hiring for – a senior position might require a more serious tone, while a more creative position could use more playful language
  • Write out a profile for who your ideal candidate for this role would be – you could even give them a name. This will encourage you to visualise who it is you need and write the details from there
  • Work backwards – instead of looking at what you need from the role, try looking at what is missing from your company and how a new role could help to fill it. This will help you narrow down the responsibilities so they’re super clear
  • Write out absolutely everything this role could become and then cross out the things you don’t need
  • If you’re writing for a position that you don’t have much knowledge of, have a look at similar job descriptions online or contact someone with the same job title and ask what they’d expect to see in a job description of that same nature

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