6 podcasts for your wellbeing

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Workplace stress is a major concern

Stress is something almost everyone experiences, on different levels, whether it’s a difficult commute, juggling family and work responsibilities, enduring a tough year with tougher targets or simply working in an on-demand, always-on world, without a parachute.

It would be easy to start with the apps we use, but in the spirit of switching on to switch off, we’re putting the spotlight on podcasts.

Podcast content has been off the chart for several years now, with technology only recently catching up to make the most of our listening experience and search habits. They’re a huge leisure outlet for millions of people worldwide, and from tuning in whilst doing the housework to shutting it all off and sitting down with one of the below for some stress-busting you-time, they work with most schedules.

Here are our favourite podcasts for stress, from identifying it to beating it and everything in-between:


This show is produced by the people from Meditation Studio, so you’d expect it to be tip-top (on that point, many popular meditation apps also run their own branded podcasts. Check with your favourites to see what’s available).

Untangle dips into a pool of experts, from psychologists and storytellers to neuroscientists and MDs, covering everything from stress, nutrition and sleep expertise to Buddhism and real-life startup hindsight.

Listen here

The Daily Meditation Podcast

If you’re keen to de-stress but only have minutes to spare, The Daily Meditation Podcast has your name on it. Featuring short but effective guided meditations, it slows your pace for just a few moments, helping you find clarity before hitting your inbox.

Listen here

Hashtag Authentic

Created for creative types, but a fantastic listen for everyone wanting to make sense of their online life and to-do lists, the Hashtag Authentic podcast is hosted by photographer, writer and business coach Sarah Tasker. The advice is thoughtful and the tone soothing, peppered with regular insights about what it is to be stressed, whilst working online.

Listen here

The Mindful Kind

Another podcast putting mindfulness front-and-centre, but this one from Rachael Kable is jam-packed full with actionable, simple things you can do (right now) to ease up on stress. From strategies and tool lists to real-life stories and guided exercises, it’s rich content.

Listen here

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen is the queen of happiness. And in this case, we’re talking years of research, the no.1 bestselling books The Happiness Project and Better than Before and epic access to the world’s thought leaders. Co-hosted with her sister, Elizabeth Craft, this podcast feeds listeners around the globe with ways to combat stress, whether it’s a quick household hack or a big-bang ‘what do I want?’ moment.

Listen here

The One You Feed

‘Practical wisdom for a better life’ is this podcast’s billing, and we agree. The theory is everyone has the potential to feed the part of ourselves that does us good, and to starve the part that threatens harm. The One You Feed provides habits and meditation to help you feed your nourishing side, with tools to combat stress and anxiety.

Listen here

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