Trends posts

In life, some things don't stick around for long. But it's best to be prepared while they're around, espeically if they affect how you run your company. Check out our posts that tackle trends in society, business and beyond.

28 September 21
5 minute read

15 female-focused VC opportunities (UK)

What are the top VC funds aimed at female founders and start-up teams right now? Find out here.

23 March 21
3 minute read

Covid-19 testing for businesses

How to get free rapid workplace testing until June by registering your business by 11:59pm on 12 April 2021.

26 January 21
5 minute read

Top apps to help you save money in 2021

Want to take the effort out of saving money and managing your finances? These apps do it for you.

15 January 21
4 minute read

8 ways to win the day

New year, new you? Get inspired by these famous entrepreneurs and the habits they use to win the day.

18 November 20
3 minute read

What is my carbon footprint and how can I reduce it?

For a healthier planet, we need to understand and reduce our carbon footprints. Here are 7 practical tips to drive down your carbon emissions.

16 November 20
6 minute read

How to build a company culture

Happy employees are more effective employees. How do you build a company culture that keeps your team fulfilled and engaged? We share 16 practical tips.

10 November 20
4 minute read

What new hobbies did we pick up during the pandemic?

Covid-19 has changed our lives in countless ways. What new hobbies did we pick up during the pandemic?