Superscript's new advertising campaign

Mai Fenton
Chief Marketing Officer
29 September 2020
1 minute read

It’s been a super exciting week for Superscript as we’ve launched our first ever national advertising campaign. You can spot us on bus stops and billboards across Greater London, online as well as on Heart and LBC radio stations.

Superscript was born in July following our rebrand from Digital Risks, to reflect our broader offering and raise peoples’ expectations of business insurance. Our advertising campaign had to connect with our big ambition, be bold and memorable, just like our new name. Here’s how it came together.

Billboard in London

With a relatively small marketing budget under our belt, we needed the creative concept to work hard to stand out. We decided to break away from functional, rational messaging, and instead focus on creating a strong emotional connection with our audience.

At the heart of the campaign are small moments that make a big difference in the life of entrepreneurs and business owners. From launching your first company, signing a contract or getting your first customer review - we are celebrating these ‘moments of harmony’ as well as our customers who embrace the risk of going on their own and make it happen every single day.

Campaign creative

Our bold creative concept perfectly encapsulates the idea of harmony as well brings to life how Superscript is effortlessly shaped around our customers needs.

Alongside billboards and roadside posters, the campaign runs on LBC and Heart radio stations, as well as display, podcast and social advertising.

Campaign creative

Audio and digital channels are core to our media strategy, given the current uncertainty on movement restrictions. Our audio ads were developed in line with the overall art direction - leading with the emotional, tonally different, delivered with personality and in line with our brand principles of unafraid, unassuming, unexpected and unstoppable.

We were pleased to have had some really positive feedback both from existing and prospective customers who had seen or heard our ads, in the first week!

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