Posts by Mai Fenton

Mai has extensive experience scaling brands and driving growth across businesses from start-ups through to multi-million pound enterprises, with a diverse marketing background that spans FMCG, lifestyle, retail, ecommerce and tech. As Superscript’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mai has overall responsibility for growth marketing and brand building. She was the brains behind Superscript’s transformational rebrand and repositioning from Digital Risks.

01 August 22
3 minute read

Digital marketing tips for small businesses

From SEO, social and influencer marketing, small businesses need digital/online marketing. Get started.

23 August 21
5 minute read

Tips for implementing hybrid working

The world of work has changed, find out how Superscript have implemented a hybrid working model and the lessons learned along the way

09 July 21
5 minute read

A guide to content marketing for startups

Looking to get started with content marketing? Our guide for startups provides top tips and guidance.

18 May 21
4 minute read

The best business books that aren’t business books

Six books that blend theory and practical suggestions to shape your business and personal life.

11 December 20
5 minute read

Time management tips for solo business owners

Running a business on your own can be nonstop busy. Our 8 tips for solopreneurs will help you to manage your time effectively.

29 September 20
1 minute read

Superscript's new advertising campaign

Have you spotted our new campaign around the UK? Our Chief Marketing Officer Mai tells us about how it came together.

05 August 20
5 minute read

How to foster a creative mindset?

What is creative thinking and why is it so important to businesses in 2020? Learn about creativity in the workplace today and how to help it flourish.