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24 January 23
6 minute read

A landlord’s guide to rental yield

Rental yield is one of the most important metrics for landlords. Find out how to calculate it, how to improve it, and the average rental yield in your region.

21 September 22
4 minute read

5 business accounting formulas (calculator included)

You don’t have to be an accountant to understand your financial performance. Use our calculator to assess your business with five important accounting formulas.

02 August 22
5 minute read

How to know if you can use an image online

If you own a business, or freelance on behalf of clients, you’re likely to use images at some point in your work, but not all images you find online are free to use. Our guide and image usage tool are here to help.

11 January 22
6 minute read

What are tradesmen pay rates for 2022?

Find out how much UK tradesmen, from builders to window cleaners, are charging per day and per hour in 2022.