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What does dog walking insurance cover?

The endless cuddles, tail wags and fresh air make dog walking the perfect job. And while you don’t want to imagine the worst, something going wrong while a dog is in your care could cause serious financial charges and put your trusted reputation at risk. Dog walking insurance is designed to protect you and your business from claims made against you by the public, your clients or employees.

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What insurance do I need for a dog walking business?

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for dog walkers doesn't just cover claims made against you by the public for accidental injury and property damage, it also covers the death, harm to or disease of any animal in the course of your business.

So, if you're on a walk and Fido accidentally gets kicked by a horse, or Chester bites a stranger or Sandy eats something she shouldn't and becomes ill, you'd be covered for the legal and compensation costs if someone made a claim against you.

Employers liability insurance

Whether it's one part-time worker or a team of people, if you have hires helping out with your dog walking services, employers liability insurance (EL) is a legal requirement for your business in the UK. If it's just you at the moment but you're thinking about hiring in the future, our monthly subscription makes it easy to change your cover and add EL to your policy any time you like – free of charge.

Cyber insurance

If you hold the personal details of your clients – such as contact information or card details – on your laptop or phone, you may like to consider cyber insurance. If you experience a data breach or cyber attack, cyber insurance can cover your liability for handling data, financial loss as a result of the breach or a breach of data protection laws.

Personal accident cover

If you suffer from an injury while you're out on a walk that means you're no longer able to work, personal accident insurance can pay you compensation to cover your earnings until you can get back on your feet.

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Dog walking insurance FAQs

What happens if a dog in my care bites someone?

The public liability cover part of your insurance should cover your liability up to the value you have chosen to include on your policy if a third party gets injured as a result of your business services or a dog in your care.

Do I need dog walkers insurance?

If you have employees, you are legally required to have employers liability insurance in the UK. Many businesses also buy covers such as product liability insurance and personal accident insurance to cover themselves and their business from the potentially costly claims that could arise from a dog walking business.

I also do dog sitting as part of my services, do you cover this, too?

Yes, we can cover both dog walking and dog sitting as part of your policy. Simply add this as an extra service when you're building your quote.

Do you need proof of my qualifications or business to get dog walking business insurance?

No. All you need to tell us to get insured is your business structure, the type of work you do, whether you have employees and your turnover.

What if a dog escapes while it's in my care?

If the dog was properly clipped onto a lead with a collar or harness and managed to wriggle out of your grip or bolted away from you, we can provide cover for the legal and compensation costs if a claim is made against you.

How much does dog walking insurance cost?

The price of your quote will depend on factors such as number of employees, level of cover and turnover. Our dog walking cover is available from £5.00 a month.

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