7 top tools for mental wellbeing

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09 October 2019
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As mental health has been a topic on the rise in the last few years, so have been the alternative methods of support. Online platforms, mobile apps, web masterclasses and other resources have become a rather common choice over traditional therapy sessions, not to mention a lot more affordable.

Mental wellbeing at work has been getting a lot of exposure, too. The scale of the problem cannot be underestimated as it touched one in six people in every workplace, not just entrepreneurs with mad schedules, pressing deadlines and immense pressure. It’s no surprise that a number of businesses now look into providing the service of support and care for the mental wellbeing of their employees.

Small changes in our daily routines can make a huge difference. There are plenty of resources you can access for a small subscription fee, or even completely free. We had a chat about what we use at Superscript and collected some of our favourite tools below.

7 mental health tools


1. Unplug

What started as a meditation studio in Los Angeles, became one of the most handy online resources for those who prefer the solitude of their own space. The app created by Unplug offers access to guided meditation videos led by experts and teachers. The library of available videos has everything from sleep support to meditation for children. In addition, they provide a library of ambient sounds and customisable collections for every step of your way.


2. Calm

One of the most popular apps for sleep, relaxation and meditation, Calm has just crossed a 50m downloads mark. Proud to be “the world’s happiest app”, as named by the Center for Humane Technology, the app offers over a hundred guided meditations to choose from. The most popular - and fairly so - feature in Calm is the Sleep Stories, where you can drift off to your favourite soothing voices from Stephen Fry to Matthew McConaughey. Aside from that, it offers a collection of soundtracks, video lessons, meditation masterclasses and nature scenes.


3. Headspace

As a well-rounded platform of courses, workshops and masterclasses for maintaining mindfulness, Headspace is on its way to becoming the UK’s go-to mental health app. With a rather small subscription fee of £10/ month, you can get a comprehensupdate compilation of tips and lessons to support you through grief, stress, weight loss and a variety of other difficulties. All the courses are based on meditation techniques that guide you through the obstacles you are trying to deal with. This is your “meditation for dummies”, where the support you get is not only clear and concise, it also has a mixture of friendly animated characters that hold your hand all the way through.


4. Productive

This handy app helps you stay on top of your habits and daily goals, as well as keep you motivated to do so. Offering the tools to build a routine of positive, life-changing habits, it provides a detailed scheduling platform with gratification system for your achievements. “The longer your streak, the more motivated you will be to keep getting things done”.


5. Yourmind.co

While a platform of pre-selected resources is a great way to see yourself through a problem, sometimes one needs to talk to an actual person. A person who can analyse a particular situation and give a piece of expert advice on the circumstance. Being fundamentally a network of therapists, Yourmind.co can connect you to a trained professional to organise a therapy session via Skype. Not only it saves you the journey to a professional who might be just a bit too far away, but it also provides you the help you need in the comfort of your home.


6. Aura

Focused on solutions for stress and anxiety, Aura aims to customise its approach to your emotional state. Based on the test you take, the app will offer you personalised life coaching, stories, music and meditation guides. Through the means of your progress, the app learns your behavioural patterns and recommends the right next steps. But what makes Aura even more distinctive is the Gratitude journal, where you can track your progress and grow happier every day.


7. Happify

In a rather different format, Happify brings stress and negative thoughts to zero with science-based exercises and games. Developed by scientists and behavioural experts, the evidence-based techniques used in the app are designed on the basis of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Based on your progress with the activities within the app, you can discover and improve your happiness score. The aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to “empower you to take control of your emotional life”.

Though these resources are not a direct replacement for traditional methods of therapy, they can be a good start after recognising a problem or a difficulty in dealing with issues related to your mental wellbeing. And if you’re looking to implement a centralised support platform for the staff within your business, have a look at a more thorough profile for Unmind, who had a chat with Superscript earlier this week. Offering tools, learning and development series that can be used on a day-in-day-out basis, the platform aims to improve users’ lives at work, their goal is to create healthier, happier people and organizations.

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